The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

Research has proven that to read or send a text takes an average of 5 seconds. While you are driving, that is a whole 5 seconds that your eyes are not on the road. That is all it takes for a life-changing accident.

Most people know that texting while you are driving is dangerous. In reality, though, the majority of individuals don’t realize the severity of their actions. Sending or reading a text message on your phone while you are in the driver’s seat distracts drivers and puts passengers in the vehicle at risk as well.

Additional Risks of Texting While You Are Driving

Damage to Your Vehicle

If there are no injuries in an accident, there will be damage to your vehicle. The cost of repairs isn’t cheap. You can avoid this cost entirely by making sure you don’t operate your mobile phone while you are driving.

Breaking the Law

The law is in place for a reason. In the majority of states in the US, texting while driving is against the law. You will incur a fine if you get caught. Repeat offenders can expect to face more severe charges. In some states, you will lose points, and you can eventually lose your license.

An Increase in Your Insurance Premiums

Drivers who are found guilty of texting while driving should expect to be penalized by their insurance company. Your premiums will increase as a result of the misdemeanors.

What Can You Do To Reduce The Statistics

  • Parents of teenage drivers must keep in mind the importance of leading by example. You can’t expect your children to obey the rules of the road if you are not doing the same.
  • Turn off your phone entirely while you are driving. If you are expecting an urgent phone call, try to plan your travel around the time you anticipate the call coming through. Another good idea is to specify the time you will be available to take a call.
  • Don’t pick up your phone at a red light or if you are caught in traffic. It is easy to get distracted and lose focus on the situation around you. Stay focused on the road and your surroundings at all times.
  • If you are a passenger in a vehicle and the driver is acting irresponsibly, say something to them. Explain the dangers of texting and driving at the same time. Don’t be afraid to speak out.
  • Become active in your local community on the topic. Get involved in campaigns that promote safe driving.

Who Are The Main Culprits Of Texting While Driving?

Statistics mention that car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in young drivers. Teenagers, who are less experienced drivers, are not able to navigate the roads as well as adults who have been behind the wheel for several years.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and texting while driving is two of the most common causes of teenage accidents on the road.

What Should You Do If You Are Involved In An Accident Because The Other Party Was Texting While Driving?

If you are involved in an accident as a result of the other driver being negligent on their phone, you must report the accident to a lawyer, such as ICBC lawyer Vancouver immediately. By engaging with an experienced, professional team that deals with personal injury claims, you may be able to file a legal claim against the negligent driver.

You must provide a written report to ICBC, for example, within 30 days of the accident. This, together with several other conditions, must be met for your claim to be assessed. Many steps must be processed to ensure that you have a solid case.

That is why it is imperative to consult with a legal team who can guide you through the process.

Drive safe!

A car accident has long-lasting consequences. Injured parties should remember that it’s not only the immediate impact of being involved in a disastrous incident. The after-effects are just as damaging.

An individual who has been hurt in an accident can suffer a loss of income for an extended period. Medical expenses can pile up, together with any charges billed for rehabilitation in the event of severe injuries.

Using your mobile device to text while you are operating a vehicle is something that can be stopped altogether. More people need to share the consequences of this awful habit that so many people have become accustomed to doing.

Remember to switch your phone off while you are driving at all times; prevention is always better than the cure.