Tried And Tested Tips On How To Avoid Theft While Traveling

You don’t need to be a theft charges attorney to know that when you’re traveling, the likelihood of being targeted by criminals can tend to increase. Data from sources like Statista shows just how severe these increases are, and lead to a rather obvious question: how can you safeguard yourself from thieves when you’re far from home? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, there are some general rules you can follow that will help mitigate the danger.

Strap Your Gear Up

Whether it’s a camera, cellphone, or some other handheld device, chances are it’s valuable (and thus a prime target for pickpockets and thieves). Since these items are easy for slick criminals to purloin without you even noticing, one of the best ways to defend yourself is to strap those items to your person. Around the neck or wrist is usually a good location to keep your items in your control, in your view, and out of the hands of would-be thieves.

Eyes (And Valuables) In Front

Keeping items in your back or side pockets is a signal to clever pickpockets. You want to make their job more difficult, not less, so keep your valuables in front of yourself where you can monitor them more easily. Building off our above point, you should strap as much to your person as possible so that, in the event someone does try to snatch something, you’ll be able to notice their actions right away and take the appropriate next steps.

Use An Anti-Theft Bag

There are some items that you’ll have no choice but to put in a bag. While this could make them more accessible to thieves who are skilled at misdirection, you can thwart their efforts by using an anti-theft bag. These bags and backpacks come with a number of features that will help baffle criminals, including hidden compartments, lockable zippers, and slash/cut-resistant fabrics which will keep your belongings more secure than a normal backpack would.

Try Decoys

You probably already understand the principle here. Having multiple, dummy versions of your valuable items can potentially confuse thieves, leaving them guessing which one to target, or even snatching a decoy only to later realize they’ve been duped by a fake. Having an extra (fake) wallet, cellphone, etc. will help add another layer to your travel security profile.

Practice Situational Awareness

There are dangers all around when you’re traveling. It’s up to you to keep your head on a swivel to avoid them. Take note of who’s following you and how they’re behaving. Are they giving off signs that might indicate they’re trying to target you? If you’re taking a taxi or uber, assess the situation to ensure that the ride will be safe and the driver is trustworthy. Don’t take phone calls on the street if you can help it, as these present a prime opportunity for thieves to catch you unawares. Finally, have a plan in place for the actions you’ll take if a pickpocket does try to snatch your things. Remember, swift and cool-headed action can make the difference!