Transformative Mobile Technology

Josh Nass has been instrumental in talking on his radio program as a disc jockey about the changes technology has been bringing to the disc jockey industry and of course, beyond. These changes have been transformative in many respects and are certainly worthy of discussion. Of the changes, there have been substantial and innovative mobile changes that have redefined the disc jockey industry in a myriad of different ways.

According to Josh Nass and other disc jockeys, there exists a paradigm shift in the ways in which audience members of disc jockeys have been consuming the content that they are accustomed to. Instead of using terrestrial radio for example, many have flocked to alternative means by which to consume their favorite quality content from their preferred disc jockeys. Of that content, is of course some quality content that disc jockeys have been able to employ in a way that has been beneficial for advertising purposes.

The revenue models of the industry have expanded as technological advances have proliferated throughout the industry. These changes have happened at a very rapid pace, the likes of which many could not have anticipated. But the advertising model breakdown that exists have been similarly lucrative for a variety of different reasons.

Of those reasons, one of the most fundamental ones is the fact that the mobile advances in technology of the last decade have enabled a myriad of different platforms to develop. Whether its applications on mobile phones through the Apple store, or on Android, or on Youtube and other avenues online, these are all programs with built-in systems for advertising revenue.

The streams of revenue generation are ample and substantial. There’s no doubt about that. For instance, there are different ways one can go about generating advertising revenue using Youtube that are uniquely different than the same mechanisms that one might use for a mobile application, for example.

But if one can gain a comprehension of how to use these programs most efficiently and of course effectively, they will undoubtedly have an outcome that’s immensely positive and constructive for their businesses. The changes that are happening are drastic in the industry. These changes are indeed worthy of conversation and dialogue. So let’s begin that conversation in a thorough manner.

But let’s also be sure to have it in an educated fashion, that permits people to try to engage others in a broader dialogue of exchanges of ideas.