Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your Car?

How much do you love your car? Do you look after your vehicle? Or that is not your thing? There are two types of car owners who are possessive about their cars and take care of it. After looking at their vehicle, you will always think that it came straight out of the showroom. On the other hand are owners who are least bothered about how to maintain their cars. Belonging to the first category would mean that you know what ceramic coating is. 

In case you haven’t heard of it, continue reading to learn more about ceramic coating and its advantages. 

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating aims at protecting your car’s paint and preventing any damage that may occur to it. A chemical polymer solution is applied to the exterior of the vehicle. Thus, acting as a protection layer. However, note that it does not affect your car’s factory paint job in any sense. To make it clearer, consider ceramic coating as an alternative of waxing.  

The purpose of applying a ceramic coat is to prevent your car from dirt, stain marks, and grime. Opting for a permanent or temporary solution depends upon you. The type of polymer that gets used decides whether it is permanent or temporary.   

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

Apart from protecting your car’s paint from the dirt and grime, there are many more advantages of ceramic coating. The list includes:

Protection Against Oxidation

Exposing vehicles to the sunlight result in their paints getting oxidized. While there is no way your car won’t get exposed to the sun, you can protect it from its rays. The answer? Get your car ceramic coated. Otherwise, the paint will get dull, and you won’t like it. 

Protection From Etching

Another danger that cars face is that of chemical staining that happens as a result of acidic contamination. However, if your vehicle is ceramic coated, it becomes chemical resistant. Thus, allowing you to protect it from most of the contaminants. But you will have to get the contaminant removed within time to keep it from causing any damage as it sticks to the surface. 

Easy to Clean

Did you know that ceramic coat repels water? In case you didn’t, the ceramic coating is hydrophobic. This means that whenever you throw water on your car to wash it, it will slide off the surface with ease. Thus, making it easier to clean it. Moreover, this feature will not let any grime or mud bond to the surface. Other than that, the car contaminants will wash away with ease too.

Enhanced Gloss

Would you like your car to appear glossy? If yes, then you should opt for ceramic coating because a quality ceramic coating can enhance the paint’s reflective property. Thus, adding value to your vehicle as well.

Things a Ceramic Coat Doesn’t Do

Many think that adding a ceramic coat means that their car’s paint is safe from every possible danger. While the coating protects it from the maximum number of them, there are things that a ceramic coat doesn’t do.

Protection Against Water Spotting

If you wash your car with water, it will slide off if the vehicle is ceramic coated. However, the stains might remain because there are soluble particles that stick to the coat and stay on the surface.

Stop the Need for a Wash

Applying a ceramic coat does not mean that you do not have to wash your car. Yes, the coating keeps your car cleaner than it would be without it. But the need to run water over the car doesn’t get eliminated. Therefore, wash your car regularly. Do not fool yourself by thinking that a ceramic coat means the vehicle will auto-clean itself.

Why Not Car Wax?

As mentioned earlier, the ceramic coating is an alternative to car wax. However, car wax would only last for a few months. Moreover, it helps add the gloss and shine, but it is not as protective as the ceramic coating. You can expect the wax to provide your car paint with lesser protection than the ceramic coating. Some people debate that the wax forms a hard layer over the original one as well. However, that layer is not as strong as a ceramic coating. 

Not only this, but to apply car wax again, you have to remove the first layer. Thus, adding more work for you.

Is a Ceramic Coat Worth It?

Yes, it is. It will make life easier and convenient as you would not have to worry about the paint getting dull. Other than that, cleaning won’t require much effort either. You will be able to add value to the car. And it will keep looking like a fresh ‘out-from-the-showroom’ version for many years. Therefore, consider getting a coat on your car. The amazing part is that you do not have to seek professional help as spray bottles are readily available.