These Apps Can Help with Your Move

Moving apps can make the moving process hassle-free and fun. These apps can handle a variety of moving-related tasks, including finding a new house, choosing a reliable mover, packing household items, and planning the moving day. These five best moving apps can help anyone manage stress and experience an easy and efficient moving process.


Finding a new home is the first step in the moving process. Zillow is the go-to app for anyone looking for a new place. The Seattle-based company guides renters and homebuyers throughout the different stages of their home hunt. The Zillow app features millions of home listings and rental apartments across the country.

Potential buyers and renters can browse through this huge database to identify a home or apartment that suits their needs and budget. The app makes the process of renting or purchasing a home an enjoyable experience by allowing renters and homebuyers to view properties in real-time as they move from neighborhood to neighborhood.


Letgo is a user-friendly app for purchasing and selling household items and other products locally. The app connects anyone trying to declutter before the moving day with buyers in his or her community. All he or she needs to do is to create an account, take pictures of the items, upload them, and add the price as well as a brief description.

Many homebuyers prefer selling household items they no longer need via Letgo rather than organizing a moving-out sale. Thanks to the app’s intuitive design and reliability, the selling and buying process is completely seamless.


MoveAdvisor is an all-inclusive moving app that enables homeowners and renters to make inventory, find reliable movers, and create an interactive moving timeline. Those changing jobs can find MoveAdvisor helpful. It can help them develop a checklist of tasks that need to be performed on the moving day and weeks or months that follow. The following are some of the task users can perform with MoveAdvisor:

  • Identify, assess, quote, and reach out to trustworthy movers in their area leveraging reviews and testimonials from both current and previous customers
  • Prepare a home inventory checklist
  • Calculate shipping weights promptly
  • Establish an interactive moving timeline consisting of tasks and timely alerts
  • Approximate packing and shipping supply requirements
  • Calculate the overall costs of moving


New homeowners and renters can use TaskRabbit to find and hire “Taskers” to perform tasks that are likely to arise during the moving process. These tasks include assembling a piece of furniture, mounting a flatscreen TV, unpacking, and hanging pictures.

TaskRabbit provides Taskers that have passed thorough background checks and are ready to help. It classifies Taskers according to their qualifications, reviews, and hourly rates. After the task is completed, payment is made via the app. Users can then leave reviews for their Taskers.


Cleaning is an important part of the moving process, and Handy is designed for that. The app offers both move-out and move-in cleaning by certified and trustworthy professionals. It also offers handyman services, such as picture hanging, flatscreen TV hanging, and furniture assembly. For these reasons, Handy is a must-have app for anyone moving.