The Pro Guide to Scuba Diving Holidays

More and more
people are turning to the mysterious world that lies under the oceans, and if
you would like a holiday to beat all holidays, look for a liveaboard scuba
holiday in a tropical paradise like Thailand. Liveaboard means you are living
on the dive boat, allowing you to enjoy multiple dives in some of the best dive
sites in South East Asia, and when you compare the cost to staying in a resort
and booking your dives on a daily basis, liveaboard wins hands-down.

Combine your
holiday with PADI Certification

You might be a
novice and would like to go through the various steps to obtain PADI
certification, which allows you to dive solo, there are online providers that
can be found with a Google search. The basic PADI course teaches you many
essential skills that you will need to safely scuba and in a holiday
atmosphere, you will be in the water with other learners and, of course, diving

Booking your

Sourcing a Thailand
liveaboard operator
is easy with an online search,
and the operator would have a number of vessels and a range of packages ranging
from basic PADI certification to advanced levels, and with your living
accommodation on the dive boat, you can look forward to a unique couple of
weeks, as you learn how to safely scuba in pristine tropical waters that are
teeming with marine life.

Advanced Levels

If you are already a passionate scuba diver and would like to join up
with other high-level divers to create unique dives, the advanced diving
packages are ideal. You might, for example, plan a dive on a wreck, which can
be really intense and rewarding; the skipper will help with dive planning and
liveaboard allows you to make lots of dives, which is ideal.

Essential Equipment

While the scuba gear will be provided by the dive operator, you will
need to acquire the following prior to going on the course:

  • Face mask & snorkel – These should be of the best quality
    and the mask should fit your face perfectly, maintaining a watertight seal
    while being comfortable to wear.
  • Fins – The fins give you your power and practice makes perfect, so the more
    time you spend snorkeling, the better control you will have. Your thigh muscles
    will develop over time and the more proficient you are at being in the water
    with fins and snorkel, the better.

Everything else you need will be provided by the dive operator and you
will learn how to use the regulator and the buoyancy control device (BCD),
which is critical, plus you will practice moving around with the scuba pack on
your back. This is done in a confined area of water like a swimming pool and
with the help of an experienced PADI instructor, you will become familiar with
scuba diving while having a great holiday.

A scuba diving holiday where you live on the dive boat ensures that you
get the most out of the experience, and if you’re diving in a tropical paradise
like Thailand, expect to see some amazing marine life.