The Benefits of Gamifying Your Workspace

Let’s face it; motivation can be hard to come by sometimes. Monotony can make even work you’re passionate about seem dull. Many people have had to change where they do their work from and are having difficulty adapting. Distractions at home can disrupt both workflow and workout routine. How can you stay productive and healthy working either from home or in the office? The answer is gamification.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is applying game design elements to non-game situations. It’s a principle that’s already been successfully utilized in both e-learning and business settings

You’ve seen gamification if you’ve ever signed up for an account with loyalty rewards. Ever had a stamp card for your favorite restaurant? That’s a game that keeps you coming back. So are rewards cards where you spend money to gain points from a gamification platform.

How Can I Use Gamification? 

It’s easy to gamify almost anything. Back when I was in college, multiple choice tests bored me to the point of falling asleep. I stayed awake by imagining the letters were in a race on my new Legacy Quartz Countertops. With each newly filled bubble, that letter took the lead. This turned the final question into a goal I wanted to reach. 

I didn’t know it, but I was gamifying my tests. Many already gamify parts of their day-to-day lives. Ever allowed yourself a movie night after completing chores? Ever reached a workout milestone and got a congratulation meal? That’s gamification. Gamifying can be a shortcut to keeping yourself both motivated and healthy.

Gamifying My Workflow

Do you have a mountain of work you’re dreading? Even getting started can be a struggle when your task seems insurmountable. Break each task into smaller tasks: a checklist can not only help you see the path forward, checking off each step can be fulfilling on its own.

If this sounds like just organizing and outlining what you need to be doing: that’s because it partially is. Gamifying turns each task into its own objective. It’s easier to stay motivated when you know you’re making progress, even if you can’t finish everything.

Gamifying My Health

With many people unable to go to the gym, gamifying your workout is an excellent way to keep up with your health from home. ran a recent post on many Fitbit apps and Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure, having proven that gamifying your health can yield fantastic results, and you can take their lessons for yourself.

Take time away from work to exercise. If you work at a desk, give yourself an amount of work to finish, then get up and be active to keep the blood flowing. Gather a crew and play a quick game of basketball. Doing so will help you stay focused, and improve your overall health. Tying exercise to break from work will also make each exercise feel like its own reward.

In Conclusion

If you know-how, gamifying can make both work and health more manageable for you, no matter your job or where you work. Learning to reward yourself keeps your motivation high and your boredom low. Find what motivates you and keep it on the path in front of you, and gamifying your workflow will be a piece of cake.