The Benefits of Choosing Cloud Hosting

A lot of website owners will tell you that to get the best out of your website hosting, you must choose a dedicated server. Not only will you have your own disk space, but you’re not sharing a server with any other user. But for someone who is just starting with their online business or is just using their website to blog, a dedicated server is such an expensive choice.

This is where cloud hosting comes in. It is basically hosting you’re sharing with other website owners. While this may not sound appealing to some, it actually comes with a lot of advantages, and here are some of them.

Budget friendly

Not only is cloud hosting cheaper than dedicated servers, but it also has the most flexible pricing. You don’t have to pay for features that you don’t use. So for instance you suddenly experience a surge in traffic, you don’t have to purchase an upgraded package, but scale it just for that moment. Then you can just return to your initial set-up once the virality has died down. You can avoid paying for a whole lot of features you don’t need right now.

Easy scalability

Just like what was mentioned, you don’t have to purchase a new package just to accommodate the traffic you’re getting. Most cloud hosting providers like Vodien provides users with a site management dashboard which you can use to scale up certain features. It is intuitive so you don’t have to worry about learning how to best make the dashboard work for you.

High uptime

The worst thing to happen is for your website to stop working, especially if it’s an online business. Your page’s uptime depends on the server environment. If something goes wrong with the server environment, then your website goes offline. The great thing about cloud hosting is its physical server environment is built in a way that downtime rarely happens. Because there are a lot of websites riding on multiple servers, you will simply be transferred to another server in the event that something goes wrong.

In addition, cloud hosting offers a more secure and safe server. There will be less chances of hacking and hardware failure in cloud hosting. It will simply let you use the resources of another server while they are resolving software issues — all without downtime.

Fast speed and optimum performance

Contrary to what other website owner’s thing, cloud hosting doesn’t make your website load slow. In fact, because of how it’s built, it actually makes sure that all websites on their server are given equal capacity so that each one is loading fast. What it does is it balances between multiple servers so that even if one website is making use of too much of the server power, so that other websites will not suffer.

Especially if this is your first foray into owning a website, cloud hosting is the best option for you. Not just because it’s more affordable at the moment, but you can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server by utilising the hosting’s scalability.