Smart Vehicle Acceptance to Accelerate with 5G Technology

Smart vehicles are on the rise. From assisted driving features to self-driving cars, the technology in our vehicles is increasing at a rapid rate. So far, these vehicles have relied
on specific sensors and cameras, which limits their capabilities. But there’s a new advancement on the horizon that will change that: it’s called the 5G mobile network. Here are a few ways that 5G technology will
accelerate smart vehicle acceptance:

Better Coverage

The 5G network boasts an increase in coverage areas. Users of mobile devices will appreciate this, but so will drivers of smart vehicles. Instead of technology features dropping off
in remote regions, vehicles will have enhanced coverage for providing navigation, driver alerts, and updates until you reach your destination.

Faster Network Speeds

A more responsive system in smart vehicles will reduce the lag time – the amount of time waiting for the system to respond. Features that can’t be accessed offline will be
noticeably much faster, not to mention the fact that new features will begin popping up more and more.

Increased Reliability

To safely navigate roads and highways, drivers need to be aware of everything around them. This goes for self-driving vehicles as well – computers in the cloud will control all vehicle
movements and reactions every step of the way, so the connection is vital. An onboard computer, present in all vehicles, can kick in if the Internet connection is lost, but it is only intended as an emergency backup.

With a 5G network, drivers are connected to everything and everyone around them at all times. The technology enables vehicles to receive information from other vehicles and the roadway
itself without interruption, even if you experience temporary interruptions with an Internet connection.

Enhanced Security

Every day, we hear about websites and devices getting hacked, breached, or otherwise threatened. Cybersecurity is a fundamental concern in our increasingly technological world. And it
extends to smart vehicles too.

Smart vehicles are especially vulnerable to this since the driver and passengers are entirely dependent on computers in the cloud to control the vehicle. 5G connectivity promises enhanced
security between devices, which keeps both your information and your vehicle secure.

5G Technology Will Make Smart Vehicles Smarter and More Reliable

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is more than just a convenience – it’s a necessity. And it is critical for smart vehicles and self-driving cars. One area in
particular that will benefit from the new 5G network is improved mobility – handicap vans and other mobility vehicles will benefit with the boost that the technology plans to offer. Those 5G autonomous vehicles could be appearing on your street within
the next decade, with trials underway within the next few years.