Is Mint Mobile Worth Using?

Mint Mobile is a prepaid carrier service that operates through T-Mobile’s tower. Mint Mobile offers extraordinary data buckets and unstoppable speed. Many people in America have started using Mint and daily enjoy it. If you are planning to attain this service, it is necessary that you read this brief Mint Mobile review as it will help you make a clearer decision.

What Makes Mint Mobile Worth Using

Mint Mobile has to offer many services that may be of good use to you as these services are both reasonable and efficient. Mentioned below are the reasons that make it worthy.

Different Data Bundles

Mint Mobile offers three different pricing plans that are for three months, six months, and twelve months. If you opt for the three-month package, you will have to pay a total of 45$, which is 15$ per month. 3GB costs for 15$, 8GB for 20$ and 12GB for 25$. The more you buy, the more you are able to save up. Hence, Mint Mobile data plans are very flexible and reasonable compared to its high speed.

GSM Network Users 

If you have a GSM phone, then that’s a plus point as mint only operates on phones that are unlocked. However, this can be a nuisance for people who don’t have unlocked phones as Mint, unfortunately, doesn’t offer their own phones, and plus, there’s a lot of things you have to check before getting the services even if your phone is Mint approved. However, the long process is worth the wait as mint offers some exciting services that will fully satisfy your network service needs.

Unlimited Speed and Quality

If you are a constant texter, then you will enjoy the SMS speed rate that Mint Mobiles offer without any delays or interruptions. In the same way you can stream unlimited videos without having to wait for hours, and you can easily use navigation applications. 

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The quality of calls is also very excellent, there are no disruptions, and you can hear the other person as clear as ever. You can also use Mint Mobile for Wi-Fi video calling and messaging. However, the internet speed of Mint Mobile tends to deteriorate when you are in overly crowded areas such as airports, concerts, shopping malls, and other busy areas.

Mobile Hotspot 

You can easily use mobile hotspot on your laptops, and I pads, and watch unlimited videos or use Netflix without buffering or waiting for your video to load. This is a plus point considering many prepaid carriers don’t offer the option of mobile hotspot. However, the speed you use will count towards your monthly package limit.

Final Words

MintMobile is definitely worth using, especially if you have a limited spending budget and live in an area that has good T-Mobile coverage. It is very less likely to come across network carriers that offer such an excellent speed at a very low price. You will have to cope up with a few issues such as slow progress in busy areas, but no carrier is perfect, and Mint Mobile is too close to perfect. So, sign up now!