Mobile Apps: Our Top 5 Selection for the Digital Nomad

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The digital nomad is not some passing phase, indeed, it is the future, and as 5G is being prepared for a 2021 roll-out, there isn’t much you can’t do online. If you haven’t been keeping an eye on the mobile app scene, here are our top 5 apps for the digital nomad, to make you a little more productive.


You can throw away that little notepad and the Parker ball-point, as Evernote is all you need to jot stuff, and the Android or iOS version will automatically sync with your desktop app, keeping you up to date.

You might want to note your Monday morning appointment at Zucci professional hairdressing in Melbourne, and that meeting with your graphic artist, and Evernote allows you to save and transfer files, plus you can configure notifications. When you have one of those Eureka moments when on the subway, simply open Evernote and that’s it recorded.


This is a powerful project management tool that enables you to create a visual layout, while adding people to your Trello board means instant interaction.

Plus, you can upload files, edit and share, and all in real time. Take our word for it, we’ve scoured the project management apps and Trello is our pick. According to the article, small businesses are going mobile, which makes for an informative read.


This handy banking App allows international money transfers without a third party taking a cut, and if you do travel a lot and withdraw money on your credit cards, you are being charged every time.

Revolut is free to set up and it empowers you financially, and when you transfer money abroad, you will get the actual exchange rate and the banks won’t get their cut.


Digital nomads love listening to podcasts, whether it be motivational quotes, or market analysis, or even a bio, and Stitcher has more than 100,000 podcast shows you can tune into.

You can also save podcasts to your device and listen to them offline, plus the App will recommend podcasts based on your listening history. Here’s a government list of apps that you might like to try.


Ideal for those graphic artists who want to quickly create something, with a great drag and drop interface, Canva can be a lifesaver when you are trying to describe a logo concept to a client.

You can import text and images from Facebook and Instagram, plus create layers and superimpose text, and while it might not match your Mac, Canva is perfect for on the road graphic mock-ups, and they look very professional too. Save in a range of formats and send it to the client instantly from this platform.

There are so many mobile apps out there, it is worth spending a couple of hours browsing Play Store, and many apps are free, although you will have to put up with the ads.

If, for example, you want to monitor your physical health, there are apps to track your calorie intake, monitor your heart rate and breathing, so do make good use of this new technology and you won’t be disappointed.