How Artificial Intelligence Can Prove To Be A Boon In Covid-19 Pandemic

Artificial Intelligence is one such term that is used in almost all kinds of industries ranging from the vast technical sector to the growing healthcare industry. So, what does this Artificial Intelligence mean?

Artificial Intelligence often shortened as AI is a combination and mixture of science and engineering in developing intelligent computer systems that are capable of performing complex tasks without receiving any instructions and directions from human beings. AI came into the world in the year 1956, and since then, it has come a long way by serving with its best in the healthcare industry. Some of the significant roles that AI performs in the health care industry comprises of Diseases Prediction, Drug Manufacturing, Treatment Decisions, and many more. It just simplifies the lives of doctors and the patients by tackling the tasks that are typically done by humans, but in only a fraction of time and cost.

The new Coronavirus disease has created tremendous chaos in the whole world by affecting the lives of people and causing many deaths every day. Various researches and studies are going on to find a way to overcome and control the outburst of this deadly pandemic. Most of the AI-based technologies are being used continuously in combating Coronavirus widespread.

Artificial Intelligence as a Helping Hand in Tackling Coronavirus

Have you ever thought of AI being used in tackling a pandemic like Corona Virus?

If no, then you will get to know here about how AI is proving to be a boon in the COVID-19 situation. Before the world was even aware of the Coronavirus threat, AI Systems has revealed the breakout of an unknown pneumonia type of infection, which has become widespread. As the world is ailing with the Coronavirus, every speck of technological advancement and innovation is being used to fight against this pandemic so that we can overcome it one step closer.

 In this COVID-19 situation, AI is playing an indispensable role in defeating the Coronavirus crisis. In the fight against the Coronavirus, most organizations and scientists are applying their AI expertise at a fast rate in several areas, like understanding how Coronavirus is spreading, scaling customer communications, and speeding up the treatment and research rate.

How to diagnose and identify the COVID-19 symptoms with AI-based general procedure?

AI is helpful in the diagnosis of infected Coronavirus cases by employing its useful algorithms. AI helps develop a new management tools and diagnosis system for the Coronavirus cases with the help of medical imaging technologies like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT) Scan of the human body parts.

The general AI-based procedure of diagnosing the patients with COVID-19 symptoms is as follows:

  • Firstly, the physicians with the aid of AI support will point out the possible matches of Coronavirus symptoms.
  • Then the collected samples will be taken to confirm the availability of the infection and to decide further therapy.
  • Later on, the patients with the Coronavirus infection will get quarantined or admitted.
  • After being admitted or isolated, the physicians will start AI-based monitoring and treatment.
  • The treatment will continue until the recovery phase.
  • Then the sample is retaken for the retest of COVID-19.

The above AI-based procedure of identifying the Coronavirus symptoms explains the involvement of Artificial Intelligence in the critical steps of high accuracy treatment. Using an AI-based approach, the physicians will be focused not only on the treatment of the patient but also on controlling the diseases. This AI-based procedure will reduce the complexity and time taken as compared to Non- AI-based system.

Major Applications of AI to help combat COVID-19 Situation

The major applications of AI in COVID-19 crisis are as follows:

  • Before-Time Detection and Diagnosis of the Coronavirus Infection

AI can quickly detect and analyze the symptoms and other red-flags of the virus. This before-time detection of infection by AI thus alarms the patients and other healthcare workers. By employing its various algorithms, artificial Intelligence helps develop an advanced and cost-effective management system for the cases of COVID-19. The AI-based general procedure for detecting the virus is very much time saving and cost-effective.

  • Evolution of Drugs and Vaccines

Various researchers and scientists are using AI-based algorithms for drug research by analyzing Coronavirus’s available information and data. It is prominent for drug delivery design and development. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the researchers can identify useful drugs and vaccination development for treating Coronavirus patients. AI is a tool that will help develop the vaccines at a much faster rate than usual and is also a helping hand in clinical trials during the process of developing the vaccines.

  • Lowering the Workload of Health Care Workers

In the COVID-19 pandemic, our healthcare workers are working continuously throughout day and night. And due to the instant and massive increase in the number of active cases, the workload of our healthcare workers has increased to an enormous level. Hence, by early detection of the virus and providing treatment at an early stage by using digital approaches, AI is reducing the workload of the healthcare workers.

  • Elimination and Prevention of the Infection

Artificial Intelligence, with the help of real-time data analysis, can provide up to date information and data, which will prove to help combat and prevent the spread of COVID-19. AI can be used to forecast the possible sites of infection, the influx of the Coronavirus, and the need for beds during the crisis. Artificial Intelligence, with the help of precursory mentored data, will help prevent deadly future viruses and infections.

Last Few Words

Artificial Intelligence is continuously serving with the best it can in all the industries. AI being a part of the growing healthcare industry will prove to be a powerful and useful tool in the early identification of infections and viruses by helping in monitoring the conditions of the infected patients. Through AI, researchers and scientists will be able to develop an appropriate treatment regiment, workable drugs, and vaccines, prevention strategies that will help the world in combating the breakout of COVID-19.