Looking at the Future of Hybrid and Virtual Events

Ah, the world of events. What once was an enjoyable time to gather with industry colleagues from near and far was grounded to a halt due to the global pandemic. While many in-person events are back in some capacity, it appears that they have not regained their full strength in numbers as many have decided that there are better virtual and hybrid options to fit their needs.

If you happen to think that you might never want to go back to an in-person event, you’re not alone in this feeling. A recent survey showed that 42% of frequent business travelers were never going to return to the road.

Now that we hopefully are through the worst of the pandemic, one might think that online event popularity may have waned a bit and that people want to start traveling again somewhat. Virtual events remain popular, yet many events are embracing the best of both worlds, showing up as hybrid events.
Learn more about how the future of events lies in the hands of digital engagement platforms that will enable conference goers options for online and hybrid events in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Engagez:

The power of virtual events
Source: engagez.com