Guide to Backdrop Banners for Events

Marketing has become noisy. With growing competition and companies spending more on advertising, customers are bombarded from all sides with marketing messages. Against this backdrop, events are a great way of cutting through clutter and having face-to-face conversions with potential customers and other business associates. Such interactions give your company the chance to form deeper and more personal relationships.

Spreading brand awareness and increasing conversion rates are the primary goals companies have for participating in events. However, event evaluation should be the starting point in preparing for a strong participation. This means companies need to be clear about the goals of the event and should research attendee profiles, says Backdrop Banner Printing. These aspects are considered not just in backdrop banner printing, but also when training your team to communicate with visitors.

Tips for the Best Custom Backdrop Banners

Types of Events: Events is an umbrella term that includes exhibitions, tradeshows, corporate entertainment, award ceremonies, seminars and conferences. They can be mega or local events as well as themed events or corporate parties. Your backdrop banner will depend on the nature of the event.

Size: This decision depends on the size of your space, whether it is a booth or a stage. It will also depend on the number of people expected at the event. The 8×8 is the most popular size for custom backdrop banners. For smaller events, you can choose an 8×4 one, which an 8×12 would work best for larger events.

Aim: If you’re designing a birthday backdrop, the colors and text should reflect the spirit of celebration. On the other hand, for corporate events, it’s best to choose a professional look. If the event is an award ceremony on a stage, the backdrop banner will need to have large images and text, so that it can be seen from a distance. If the aim is to have photographs clicked in front of the banner, it’s best to choose a step and repeat backdrop.

Material: Experts recommend opting for vinyl backdrops. This is because vinyl backdrops and banners are easy to make, easy to customize and ensure a high visual impact (even attracting passersby). Not only is this a low-cost option, but also highly durable. If treated well, vinyl backdrops can last for years. After the event, they can be used outside your store, as they are weatherproof and resistant to tearing. Moreover, it’s possible to use UV resistant ink, so that they don’t fade. Vinyl backdrops are also lightweight and, therefore, easy to transport.

Logo: Make sure you have the original vector files of the logo. This could be, .eps or .pdf format. In case you have the logo in formats like .psd, .jpg or .tif, make sure that they are more than 300 dpi. This is particularly important for backdrop banners for large events. If the quality of the logo is poor, the banner will look bad.
Font: Ensure the font you choose is clean, clear and bold. This helps readability from a distance.  clean, clear and can be read from a distance.