Inspiration to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing from the Comfort of Your Home

Many of us are craving a creative outlet to busy our minds away from work and the daily stresses of life. There’s no better satisfaction than pouring your passions into a project, watching it develop, and completing a finished product. 

However, many of us fall at the first hurdle, having the confidence to start. You will hear, more often than not, people say ‘I wish I could …’. But why not give it a try, what is there to lose? Maybe your first painting won’t be displayed above the mantelpiece. At least it will have given you time to relax, let out your creativity, and encouraged you to keep trying. 

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, but are unsure of what to turn your hand to, then read on to find some much-needed inspiration.

Turn Bored Hands Into Crafty Hands

There are many ways in which you can get crafting. From upcycling thrift pieces of furniture to creating intricate origami. The most popular crafting has stood the test of time, such as knitting and crocheting. 

Many of the products you craft will be practical items, which means they are sellable, too, so you can turn your new hobby into a profitable side business. There are online platforms for you to display and sell your work.

You don’t have to be a master at these skills to get started, a lot of it will be trial and error. There are a vast amount of videos and guides for you to follow online. If you fancy taking up knitting in time for a friend or family member’s baby to arrive, for example, then starting out small with a simple patterned hat is a great way to begin learning. Small crafts are an ideal way to fill up your evenings with a therapeutic creative outlet. 

You’ll be surprised how many people will love what you’ve made and want one for themselves. 


Writing is another way in which you can express your creative mind, and there are many paths in which you can follow. For example, you could start your own project, writing a story or poem. 

Alternatively, you could share your writing instantly with the world by starting a blog on social media. This is rewarding because you’ll be able to see how people react to your writing through comments and likes. A blog gives you an endlessly creative outlet because you can write about anything that interests you, and you’re fully in control of the process. 

Another often overlooked aspect of writing is the world of freelance. If you’re passionate about writing and have an interest in making money from your creativity, then you can find a significant amount of paid opportunities. There are people all around the world looking for content writers, ghostwriters, story makers, proofreaders, reviewers, and so many more.  

Design Games 

For the game fanatics among us, sitting and playing your favorite PS or Xbox games can often stir the imagination and instill a want to develop your own games. These ideas always seem a little too far fetched to turn into reality.

There are many game making software sites that you can subscribe to in order to make and sell your games globally. Again you don’t have to be a master of code or studied game development at university to begin. These sites offer walkthroughs, guides, and tutorials on how to use the software to create a top-notch game. 

Some of the leading game making software sites offer a course for you to join. Here you can learn everything from the basics through to making a game that will hit the charts. If this appeals to you, then don’t hesitate to find out more

Learn to Photo Edit

The majority of us all have at least one device that takes photographs, and photography is becoming a more popular hobby because of it. Gone are the days in which photography was a rich man’s game; we all now have the opportunity to practice this talent and skill. 

Once the photos have been taken, the creativity doesn’t have to stop there. Editing photographs is often just as important as how they were taken. It’s recognized as an art form in its own right, and the skilled service is paid handsomely worldwide. 

You can enjoy playing around and editing your own photographs for personal satisfaction first. When your skill improves, you can then begin to freelance doctoring other peoples on requests. 

Get Creative! 

Having a creative outlet is great for your physical and mental health. It keeps the brain active and allows you to have some much deserved ‘you’ time. How you progress your creativity is up to you; you can use it as a chance to learn, just for fun, or turn it into a business venture. The possibilities are endless; you just need to get started!