4 Things to Consider When You’re Creating a Video on a Budget

Video marketing is becoming a gateway of success for brands around the world. 

It is a remarkable content marketing strategy and is widely accepted by many digital marketing enthusiasts operating in the online world. In fact, more than 90% of the overall marketing efforts are dependent on how well brands are portraying themselves using a video. With so many brands capitalizing on videos, there is an entire separate industry where video editors and production houses are operating. 

And since the competition is on the rise based on the quality of production, many businesses are finding it difficult to find the right video production services where they can invest their budget & get best returns. 

Are you a small business struggling with creating a video for your digital business? Here are 4 important things to consider before investing in creating a video with a tight video editing/producing budget. 

Make Use of Free & Affordable Video Editing Tools 

One of the ways to save money on video editing is to leverage the power of free or affordable video editing tools to create videos that crunch some real numbers. The Internet has plenty of interesting and affordable tools which can easily be used to compile photos and video clips into a particular video. 

Some tools which are quite reliable are iMovie and Windows Movie Makers. To use the following tools, all you have to do is have a little command on video editing and in just a few days of practice, you’re all good.

The end-product of your video will look somewhat similar to what a professional video should look like. 

Use Royalty Free Music or Affordably Licenses

One of the most significant parts of a successful video is the kind of music you use in creating that video. The right music will ignite the audience’s attention and eventually your video will get more watched by your target audience. However, finding royalty free music isn’t an easy task because there are copyright issues. But if you still want to use them, you can always choose a platform such as Soundcloud to create snippets of music. Now, snip music segments from your favorite soundtracks and use them within your video content without breaking a sweat.

Repurpose Images and Videos from your Previous Content

Instead of purchasing new images or using new videos within your content, repurpose images & videos from your previously published content. For example, there are plenty of images which you can use in your explainer videos. Such as images from storefronts, your personal snaps, product snaps, etc. 

Use that content within your video rather than settling for purchasing new stock images and videos. The process of reusing existing content is what we term as repurposing. Content repurposing can help organizations get more exposure oriented videos which can help businesses progress forward.

Use Natural Light instead of Expensive Lights

Good lighting is essential for videos. It’s a sure-fire way to create professional looking videos. In case, you have poor lighting effects, your video might send out a very bad impression and may not even get watched much. So if you don’t want to experience such a thing, then make sure to invest in lighting. But what if you don’t have enough budget to spend on lightings? Then what is the next best option for you? 

There’s plenty of light in the atmosphere and surrounding which you can use to create the perfect impact. If you really want a low budget video option, then you can always capitalize on the natural light.

Become a Narrator in your Video and Use Quality Microphone for Narrations

Without a background narration, you can’t explain to your viewers what your video is all about or what is the purpose of your brand. And since, you need to establish a purpose for your brand, then it’s best that you perform the background narration yourself. Who else would best explain what your product’s purpose is. Become a narrator in your video and while narrating, make sure to use a high quality microphone. 

You can always purchase a good microphone somewhere around $80 – $120 easily. 

And that’s just about it, if you have the right tools to your expense, you can create some remarkable quality videos all on your own. However, it is always best advised that since you’re no expert, you should always opt-in to hire a professional video editor from a recognized company to help you with your videos. 

Until next time, cheers.