How to Use Staffing Agencies to Find Quality IT Techs

Ever since United States President Joe Biden started talking about implementing an agenda for massive infrastructure projects, there has been considerable discussion among labor market analysts about how the American jobs market will be impacted by this ambitious plan. Engineering and construction are the first occupational fields that come to mind when thinking about infrastructure projects, but we should not forget about information technology.

Virtually all industrial projects these days require quite a bit of IT resources in order to complete them, and this certainly encompasses infrastructure. One of the many items in Biden’s proposal would involve an expansion of the passenger railway system, which in the U.S. is sorely lacking when compared to other developed nations. Such a project would call for a substantial amount of IT work not just during the construction phase but also once the new operations are established.

We can safely assume that the American infrastructure plan is going to create a large demand for IT staffing. Some projects will require a few in-house positions, but the bulk of IT operations are likely to be handled by contracted agencies — we’re talking about data centers and IT firms that provide remote management services. We can also assume that hiring managers will prefer to fill these new IT jobs through established tech staffing agencies. Whether the IT jobs are on-premise, remote, or temporary, hiring companies have been increasingly solving their tech staffing needs with the assistance of agencies instead of trying to tackle recruiting themselves.

Why Tech Staffing Shortages Happen

With a job market as vast as that of the U.S., staffing shortages should not happen, but this is not what hiring managers want to hear, particularly with regard to IT jobs. The problem is not related to literal shortages; American universities and colleges are graduating IT professionals at a pretty decent clip, but how many of them have the specific skills and experience companies need?

Job market competition is the real problem with trying to put together IT departments. Putting together a small team of data scientists is not too difficult, but if they need to be managed by an experienced supervisor who is also a certified Hadoop developer, for example, this is where you are bound to run into a snag, and this is when staffing agencies can come to your rescue. If you think you can compete against other companies looking to hire seasoned Hadoop developers on their own, chances are that your strategy of a few LinkedIn ads will not cut it. You may think that you are facing a staffing shortage, but what is actually happening is that competitors are filling positions with the assistance of agencies.

You may be wondering how agencies are able to recruit and place so many IT professionals, and the truth is that there is no secret sauce. The way this industry has developed is that IT professionals tend to flock to these agencies because they feel comfortable with them. Great IT recruiters tend to understand their candidates better than anyone else, and this is why you should be working with them instead of taking your chances.