Four Business-Boosting Website Building Tips

An online presence is crucial for any business – even if you don’t conduct e-commerce. Recent studies showed that 97% of consumers look you up online before they consider shopping with you!

For this reason, having a high-quality website can make or break your business. Here are four fundamental principles to follow to create a business-boosting website.

Use Calls to Action

You don’t need to be shy on your website. Instead, each page should contain clear calls to action, enticing the reader to do something. Make sure that your invitations are straightforward, no matter what you’re asking.

Calling, signing up, buying a product, downloading a guide – have a button or a link that clearly state the invite. Also, try to place these invitations on the top of the page, so readers don’t need to scroll to find them.

Keep the Design Simple

Keeping the design and texts simple is essential to the effectiveness of your site. Go for uncluttered visuals and short paragraphs to impact your readers.

Most importantly, keep your color scheme minimal – you only need two or three hues. Make good use of white spaces to achieve a minimalist, organized effect creating best custom web design company.

By choosing a modest design and being pragmatic with the content you put on, you will make it easier for the customers to navigate your website. That way, they will stay for longer.


Your online presence needs to reflect your brand, just as a store window in a brick-and-mortar business would. Steer clear from dry, generic texts, and instead try to paint a picture of your team and goal.

You could even go as far as to include a picture of yourself with your employees. Show customers that there’s a real person behind the business.

If you’re not comfortable with a photo, at least write the company description that engages the customer and helps them understand your vision.

Remember the Mobile Users

More and more users take advantage of their cell phones to shop online. Besides, even when they visit retail stores, they will visit your website to compare prices and read product reviews.

Thus, any eCommerce website absolutely must cater to that ever-growing customer base. Otherwise, they will go to a competitor offering a more comfortable mobile experience.

The Bottom Line

We hope that these tips gave you an idea on which to base your website. Remember that creating an online presence takes time and energy, though.

If you feel that you can’t dedicate enough time to this vital area of your business don’t disregard it, but get help. Go for a company that will work on helping you boost your business.