How to Have Brand Fans Instead of Just Customers

As business professionals, we all know that the customers are the top priority. The more customers you have, the more products purchased and services used, and the more revenue for your business. However, many businesses have found that repeat customers are far more valuable than constantly trying to attract new ones. This, therefore, brings up the need to create brand fans.

Why Do Brand Fans Matter?

When it comes down to it, the difference between customers and brand fans is the level of loyalty to your brand. Customers will come and use your service or buy your product and be done. Brand fans, on the other hand, make a transaction with your business but also help to promote your brand organically.

Brand fans are not paid or sponsored by companies but take it upon themselves to spread the word about your brand through word of mouth, social media, and any other means natural to them. They are your greatest marketing asset due to their enthusiasm about and delight in your brand.

Brand fans matter because they do more for your business than simple customers.

4 Ways to Create a Brand Fan

There are plenty of industry-specific ways for your company to change customers into brand fans. Find a few more general ways below.

Create a Human Connection

Every good relationship starts with a good connection. The customer/business relationship is no different. If you want to create lasting impressions on your customers, make sure to connect with them on a human level. Make sure they feel heard. Connect with the deeper needs they have and make sure that your product or service can fulfill that need.

Read your customers’ thoughtful reviews, see how they’re talking about your brand online, and take note of the questions they ask. All of these interactions can help you bring the business down to earth. Knowing what customers want will better help you make a more human connection.

“Suprise and Delight”

What we mean by surprise and delight is that you need to be memorable. Of course, you don’t want to “surprise” and that’s it. The “delight” portion of it makes your company memorable enough to have them come back and bringing friends.

Surprise: To surprise your customers, you need to attract them in a way that stands out from competitors. Offer them free rewards, coupons, or other valuable offers that will connect with your customer’s specific needs.

Delight: The delight portion is when customers feel listened to and valued based on the things you offer them. Because of this reaction to your marketing tactics, customers will then start telling friends and family about your brand. This creates more customers and even more customer loyalty.

Engage Online

If you are going to start a more dedicated customer following, you need to show a bigger presence online. Connect with those talking about your business on social media. Answer questions, comments, and reviews in your local business listings and other community platforms. 

Make sure your customers know that you care about them, their concerns and delights, and their needs. Connect with them on a more human level and drop the constant corporate lingo (unless it’s on-brand). The bigger a presence you have online, the more front-of-mind your company will be when a need or want arises in a potential customer.

Double Down on Customer Service

After all other steps have been completed, you need to make sure that your current customers are receiving the customer service that will answer their questions, fix their problems, and encourage them to think positively about your brand.

For some companies, a full customer service overhaul may be necessary. Are your customers sitting on hold all day? Are your customer service representatives overwhelmed with calls? Listen to what your customers are saying. You can also make their customer service experience better by investing in an AI-powered customer service solution. 

Companies nowadays can set up a personalized contact center specific to your business. Some offer a way for customers to click through options over the phone to find answers to more common questions. If questions become more complicated, the service can lead you to a representative of your company. This way, customers can get answers quickly and still feel heard and helped.

No matter what your business, product, or service, you can always do something to change mere customers into loyal brand fans. Let your customers start working for you today.