These Car Insurance Companies Have the Best Mobile Apps

Allstate and Geico have the best-rated car insurance mobile apps in the industry. With 5 star ratings from Forbes, these two insurance giants are listed at the top of the rating scale with a score of 95 out of 100. Other well-known companies, including Nationwide, Progressive, and State Farm, have 4.5-star ratings and scores of 90.

Why is a Mobile App Important?

Car insurance mobile apps provide benefits and conveniences to policyholders. Apps make it easy for drivers to check their policy information and contact their insurer if they’re involved in a car accident, stopped by police, or filing a claim. With a mobile app, drivers can upload important information, show proof of insurance, file a digital claim, and make policy payments.

While many car insurance companies offer mobile apps, some provide more benefits and conveniences than others.


The Allstate app allows policyholders to handle various tasks quickly and efficiently. Drivers can instantly contact their insurance agent for help and information and perform digital tasks such as:

  • Viewing insurance cards and policy documents
  • Filing and managing claims
  • Requesting roadside assistance (Good Hands Rescue)
  • Accessing the Drivewise program
  • Getting parking reminders to prevent tickets
  • Finding nearby gas stations with low prices

Allstate’s app also provides a Digital Locker feature that lets policyholders access a virtual escape route in case of natural disasters such as storms, fires, hurricanes, and tornados.


Geico policyholders praise the insurer’s mobile app for convenient and user-friendly features used to view policy information, keep track of bills, and submit digital claims. They also like other useful features that locate nearby restaurants, gas stations, parking spots, and special attractions and send out alerts for auto service reminders and vehicle recalls.

Geico customers claim their ability to submit digital claims for car accidents and injuries is helpful in expediting a crash settlement. Since claims for property damages and injuries can take months, even years in some cases, the ability to submit a digital claim speeds up the process.

How are Mobile Apps Evaluated?

Companies like Forbes that evaluate car insurance apps look at numerous factors to create a rating score. These factors include:

Proof of Insurance

Accessing proof of auto insurance from a mobile app is considered an important feature worth 20% of the rating score. If a driver is involved in a car accident or pulled over for a traffic offense, proof of insurance is mandatory.

Policy Information

For many policyholders, locating their insurance policy to view important coverage can be a problem. The ability to quickly access and view a car insurance policy on a mobile app is worth 20% of the rating score.

Accident Claims

The ability to file a digital accident claim contributes to 15% of the rating score. If the app allows the policyholder to track his or her claim, the score rating increases 10%. The ability to upload photos and claim documents raises the score another 10%.

Convenience Features

Apps that provide convenience features such as roadside assistance, parking assistance, and locations of gas stations, repair shops, and local amenities receive a 5% increase in their rating score.