How to Handle Digital Marketing at Your Home Service Business

The global pandemic impacted everyone differently with some home service providers struggling as appointments were canceled. A number of people were concerned about seeing anyone due to the virus. Home service businesses are adaptable and rarely need any real interaction besides payment. Explaining what is wrong can be done on the phone and professionals like plumbers can complete a project without even getting close to the homeowner. Digital marketing during this time is imperative as the last thing any business wants is to fall behind a competitor. The following are tips to handle digital marketing at your home service business.

Make Your Social Distancing Policies Clear on the Website

The fear of the Coronavirus has not dissipated for a number of people. Those that are older or have health conditions are very vulnerable at this time. Delaying certain fixes like that of plumbing can lead to larger issues that will be far more expensive to remedy. Stating your social distancing rules on the website can provide comfort to those people hesitant to call for help. This might seem like a simple aspect of this but it is essential during these strange times. Do not leave customers or prospects guessing when it comes to something as important as their health.

Pictures of Completed Projects Matter!

Pictures of projects completed is essential when running one of a few shower refinishing companies or HVAC businesses in the area. People want to see the quality of work that a home service business can provide. Being able to showcase your best projects can attract customers. You might even be subcontracted by another business in the area which can be a lead generation tool for both businesses. Take the time to photograph completed projects with the customer’s permission as this can be one of the best marketing tools you have!

Content Marketing Can Work Wonders

Content marketing is essential whether it is on the company website or on relevant publications. Targeting local publications will yield the most relevant traffic. A link that is incorporated into a link with specific keywords will help drive search engine rankings. Take a look at the content campaigns that competitors have done as this can allow you to see what your business should do and shouldn’t do. Low-quality content rarely generates results in today’s world as the average consumer sees quite a bit of content and can decipher which is generic versus useful.

Localized Ads Need to be Created

Localized ads on social media can be extremely successful when targeted correctly. Being able to track ROI on these is imperative as a home renovation company will have more success on Instagram than they would Twitter. You do not have to advertise on every platform social media has to offer. Make sure pictures associated with the ads are quality instead of generic to give the ad that extra touch of personalization.

As you can see digital marketing is extremely important for home service businesses. Consumers will only go to the first few search results when looking for a company to help them so make sure you rank as high as possible.