How to Get Started with IP Targeting

There are many new advertising methods available to companies who are interested in giving their sales a boost. Advancements to digital marketing technology have paved the way for smaller businesses and brands to compete with larger corporations though methods such as geofencing and IP targeting

What is IP Targeting? 

Many people want to know what ip targeting is when they first hear about it. IP targeting is the process of targeting certain online ads to specific households or internet users, all based on their internet protocol address (also known as their IP). The IP is a series of numbers assigned to the internet connection provided by you ISP or internet service provider. IP advertising allows brands to target individual users, households or communities so that these users see ads that support their company. 

Get Started with IP Advertising by Creating a List 

The initial thing you will have to do to get started with IP advertising is create a list. This should be a contact list that you have complied over the years of your customer’s data. It should include their contact information such as their name, phone number and residential address. Additional details such as their work address or email address can also be very useful for this advertising method. 

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By using this information, especially your customer’s physical address, you can easily track down their IP address and make sure all the details match. This is what you need to do to get started with IP targeting. 

Once you have the IP address of your customers, or those who seem interested in your brand, you can start producing ad content that will be directly sent to this particular group of people. Anytime they access the internet and browse a website that hosts ads, your advertisement will show up for them to see. This will help keep your brand fresh in their minds and they will be more likely to remember your company the next time they need one of your products. 

For example, if you own a pizza restaurant and use ip targeting with information from your current customers, they will see the ads for your latest pizza deals on their home computer. And that means they will be more likely to order from you the next time they decide to have pizza for dinner. 
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