How to Effectively Use Phone Monitoring Apps on Your Child’s Phone

If your child is approaching the age in which you will have to buy them a mobile phone, you are going to want to think long and hard about whether or not you will be installing some kind of monitoring software onto that phone.

Monitoring software is a great way for parents to keep tabs on how their children are using their new phones, but it can also lead to issues with your child if they feel that that monitoring software is a breach of trust in any way. 

So, if you and your husband or wife are wanting to use monitoring software on your child’s phone, here are some very important things to keep in mind to help you effectively use the Spy Phone App.

Be clear and upfront 

Based on the nature of spy software for cell phones, you might be inclined to try to keep the fact that you are downloading monitoring software onto your child’s phone secret. After all, you might worry that their knowledge of the software will encourage them find other ways to avoid getting caught.

However, you can also approach this in a very different way. Present the monitoring software as a major ground rule that they will have to agree to be okay with in order to use the phone at all. This way, it will be clear to your child that their use of the new phone is a privilege and not a right. If they break the rules, they can lose their phone just like they can lose any other privilege that you make possible for them.

Monitor, don’t intrude

Just because you have access to most of the things that your child is doing on their phone, doesn’t mean that you have to keep tabs on every single thing all the time. Monitoring your child’s phone should not be a daily thing that you obsess over, like looking at every single page that they have visited on the internet. Instead, set up some kind of personal schedule for you to gloss over the activity on their phones on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. From there, all you really have to do is keep an eye on any red flags that make you feel as though you should investigate further.

Be thorough to make sure you are downloading the right software
Finally, it is important to keep in mind that all monitoring software is not created equally. Make sure that you as parents are doing your due diligence to find that the software that you end up going with is not only good at its job, but also is able to monitor the aspects of your child’s phone use that you are most interested in keeping tabs on. A great place to start is reviews online, that way, you can make sure that you are getting an impartial look at how these different spy software options actually work.