How to Display Your Instagram Feed

Instagram is now a daily part of life for most people. It’s how we stay in touch, recommend places or food, and for a small part of the population, it’s how they make their money. But what about you? Are you using the platform as a way of documenting everyday life, but don’t want to just experience it on the screen? If you’re tired of letting your memories sit in a box with hearts under it, it’s time to find a way to have them displayed in the real world.

Canvas prints

Whether you rent or own your home, you need to first take stock of your space and what you want it to feel like. If you’re renting, it can be hard to decorate in a way that feels closest to who you are. One way around this is with canvas prints. Not only do they come in a variety of sizes, but they’re lightweight and won’t cause damage to your walls. What they lack in physical weight, they more than make up for in elegance that’s brought to a room. And making a print from instagram canvas has never been easier. It’s especially important to go through a service that works specifically with Instagram dimensions, so that you get the highest quality and sharpest picture possible.

The traditional route

If you’re not able or willing to put holders directly into your walls, go the more traditional route with picture frames. Yes, if you just throw the picture into a frame and call it a day, it could come off as tired. But avoid that by searching for vintage frames in antique shops, or finding a plain one and making it your own. This could be done by sanding it down and repainting it, or the braver DIYer could take it apart and rebuild it to a specific vision. Don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone, because this option is relatively affordable and easy to change if it doesn’t turn out the way you expected.

For the crafter

A photo that’s worth printing will usually have a story tied to it, and maybe a few mementos as well. In that case, a scrapbook or shadowbox is an easy, fun way to display that story. A scrapbook is an option the whole family can get in on, because of the multiple pages. Let each person participating pick a picture (or set of pictures), and the souvenirs that go with it, and create a page. There’s no limit to what they can make with all the various backgrounds and stickers available. Each person’s personality and experience can shine through. Shadowboxing takes a bit less time and gets more exposure, making it an easy way to complement your decor while having a conversation piece your family will treasure for years.

On the go

The best way to make a frequent traveler feel at home wherever they go is to bring home with them. You can do this by using your phone case, planner or notebook covers, or even your planner stickers, as blank slates. This way, when you inevitably have to wait for your late connection to the next leg of your journey, you’ll be able to enjoy pictures of those you love most. Wherever you are, and whatever internet connection you’re working with, you can simply look through your bag and find reminders of home.

It’s easier than ever to get lost in the cyber world, since we live so much of our lives through screens. But sometimes it’s nice to take a breather (and give your eyes a break), and enjoy your Instagram photos away from the feed.