How the Mobile Revolution Changes the Idea of Distance

The mobile revolution is upon us in full swing currently, and with it, lots of things about mainstream life have changed. And one of the concepts inside that framework that has changed the most is the idea of distance. How far away one thing was from another has made a massive impact in the past. Now, depending on your industry or situation, distance can be almost negligible.

Think about the availability of overseas work for certain jobs. Think about how people are no longer chained to their office desks because of remote possibilities. Think of how much more communication happens because of immediate voice and face messaging that are available inside of people’s pockets. And think of all the time that you’ve saved by not having to travel to do things!

Overseas Work

For various logistical and financial reasons, many jobs now have an overseas component. It could be that a technical team is in a different country. Or perhaps your software developers live across the ocean. This is no longer a problem! It’s no longer expensive for long distance phone calls. As long as everyone is hooked up to the Internet, working with an overseas team is no different than working with someone in the next office space over. This is a tremendous advantage when it comes to working with a separate talent pool.

Remote Job Potential

Gone are the days when you have to drive into the office to work with your company’s main computer system. With an Internet connection and a good computer, you can do a lot of the tasks that you previously had to go to work for from the comfort of your own home. In fact, it has been found that many people are more productive working remotely because there are fewer office distractions that get in the way of their official job duties.

Immediate Voice and Face Messaging

The mobile revolution going on means that everyone has an assistant in their pocket. And this assistant can tell you when someone is calling in and can connect you directly to their voice or even their face. You can have real-time conversations with people and pick up on all of the facial and tonal cues of the communication spectrum. This is the age of technology we live in.

Less Loss from Time Spent Traveling

The mobile revolution means that you don’t have to spend as much time driving. Think of all the hours you spent commuting back and forth from places, or traveling to a client’s house. Because the mobile revolution has made accurate and expressive communication available on personal and professional levels, a lot of the smaller interactions that require travel before simply require a phone call now. Embrace the mobile revolution, and shrink all of the distances in the world.