How Technology Makes Your Ride That Little Bit More Enjoyable

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Riding a motorcycle is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life, and that feeling of driving along the UK’s roads, with the wind in your face, and the sun on your back, is a fantastic feeling. Putting on all of your safety gear including your helmet, and taking to the roads, is something to really look forward to, and there is so much to see, because your view is not restricted, like it is when you drive in a car. The tank on your motorcycle is full of petrol, you are all kitted out, but there are other things, that can make your ride that little bit more enjoyable.

If you’re deciding to go on a long trip travelling around the United Kingdom, or further afield, then the first thing that you need to do, is to service your bike at Wheels Honda, to make sure that it isn’t going to break down when you’re driving around, and it’s at its optimum mechanical performance. Once you know that your bike isn’t going to let you down, there should be other things that you need to consider with regards to motorcycle technology. The following are just some of the apps that can make a normal ride in the country, an exceptional one.

  • GPS & route planning apps – This is a great addition to your motorcycle, because it can get pretty easy to get lost, on the many back roads in the United Kingdom, because you’re trying to take in all of the beautiful scenery. Knowing that if you do get into trouble finding your way out, that there is an app to help you find your way, gives fantastic peace of mind to motorcycle riders all across the United Kingdom. There are many apps that are free, and they help to track your location, and also allow you to plan your whole trip. These excellent apps will also tell you about any traffic delays, that are ahead of you. If you are thinking of creating a video of your ride, then there are actually apps for that as well.
  • Weather apps – These are essential, due to the unique nature of the weather that we experience here in the United Kingdom. One moment the sun is shining, the next moment, the rain is coming down heavily. We are at the mercy of the weather here, and so it’s best to be able to plan your trip, with the changing weather in mind. These weather apps tell you if it’s going to be a sunny day tomorrow, and so you can make plans for your road trip on that. Again, these particular apps are free to use. For more government advice on keeping yourself safe on the road, there are many free websites to look at.

These are only two of the many apps available to make your motorcycle ride a lot more enjoyable. Most of them, are free of charge, and are very easy to download onto your smart phone. There are apps to tell you about the best roads to drive on, and if you’re just starting out on your journey to ride a motorcycle, then you can also study for your motorcycle theory test, using an online app. For high performance bikes, there are apps that can record your whole riding session, and can even tell you about the lean angle that you achieved.