How Services Accessed on Mobile Can Help Fire Victims

The hottest summer recorded in California history led to devastating results later in the year. In several days, wildfires spread out between Southern and Northern California took out hundreds of thousands of acres of land, caused 200,000 people to evacuate their homes, and burned businesses and homes to the ground right in front of people’s eyes. Unfortunately, the disaster the wildfires left in its wake will take many years to fix, as insurance companies answer phone calls and attempt to help communities rebuild their homes, and citizens wonder whether or not they should remain in California after the fires struck.

During this difficult time, many people are in need and, because of the helpful and heartful acts of others, help is out there for those in need. Made possible through easy-to-access websites, there are many organizations willing to help out after devastation has hit. Many of these services can be accessed right from the mobile phone. In our modern times where information is always readily available on the Internet and people are always looking for ways to give back, nobody truly feels alone.

Helpful Virtual Services to Those in Need

American Red Cross: The American Red Cross is known for picking up the pieces and helping those in need after disaster strikes. Though most of the help is done locally through sending volunteers to parts of California that need assistance the most, there are also ways to give back on a virtual level. American Red Cross is making this simple by making online donations available to support the “California wildfires” and help those who have lost everything.

Thomas Fire Fund: Specifically in Ventura County, many people have lost their homes and businesses, with over 96,000 acres burned to the ground. The Thomas Fund has been organized by the American Red Cross and United Way of Ventura County to help bring in donations for those in need. You can donate here or use your mobile phone to donate at 805-485-6288, or by texting UWVC to 4144.

Crisis Response Centers: The Crisis Response Centers serve as a great resource to those who want to know more about the wildfires and find out the latest in local news concerning what is happening right now in California. Many people have used this tool over Facebook to upload photos of the devastation that the fires brought to their homelands. The center has also utilized a helpful tool that allows citizens to check in and show family and friends that they are safe. But that’s not all they’ve done – they also allow you to start a fundraiser or donate to ongoing fundraisers to help those in need.

With many organizations allowing donations to be made over the phone right at the touch of a button or via an app on their mobile device, many citizens will receive help after a difficult time in their lives. Fortunately for victims of the California fires and other disasters, modern technology makes assistance easier to obtain and streamlines communication and the mobilization effort.