How Do I Find Out the Paint Color on My Walls?

Have you ever bought paint and brought it home, only to paint your walls and be disappointed by the results?

You’ve probably realized paint colors do not always look the same on paint swatches as they do on painted walls. This can be frustrating when you have already done a lot of work painting – which is why people sometimes ask: “How do I find out the paint color on my walls?”

There are several methods that exist in order to obtain this knowledge. Continue reading for more information about some popular options.

Before we talk about any products or techniques, however, one thing should be clarified: paint colors will never look exactly like what you see on paint swatches and paint chips (or computer screens) due to differences in monitor color settings. These paint color discrepancies are a reason paint manufacturers themselves frequently state to not rely on paint swatches or paint chips for accuracy.

What’s the Nix Sensor?

The Nix Sensor is a paint color sensor that can help you figure out what paint colors will look like in different lighting situations without doing physical touch ups or taking paint chip samples from your walls. Basically, it helps you check your paint palette before buying new paint and eliminates the need to have 20 gallons of leftover light blue paint because it looked good in the store but terrible at home! I’ve even heard people say “I wish I discovered this sooner,” and we agree: while we think there are better options than simply repainting your walls, paint sensors like the Nix Sensor are definitely worth looking into!

How Do I Use It?

You can attach it to any phone or tablet that has a camera – either by clipping it onto the back of your device or using its kickstand. Afterwards, open up an app and place the NIX paint color sensor in front of the paint swatch that you want to match. Once you’ve taken a photo of your paint chip with NIX paint color sensor’s app, the paint is analyzed within under a second and calculates which paint colors most closely resemble what you see – including shade, tint, and hue. You will quickly be able to figure out which paint color matches if playing around with different shades of paint for hours like you used to!

Paint sensors aren’t the only way to find out paint colors, of course. If you’re willing to test paint samples on your walls at home and decide which paint color looks best, a paint sample can be a good option for discovering paint colors in person. Paint samples will let you paint a small area in order to see what it looks like in natural lighting without painting your entire room. If they come in different sizes, this method may even be more economical than buying paint chips when you don’t need many!  Pro-tip: Just make sure the paint swatch is pressed flat against the wall before taking a photo with NIX paint color sensor or any other phone or tablet camera, since paint color can look different depending on how it’s viewed and the lighting.

In conclusion, paint samples and paint sensors are two of the most effective paint color discovery tools. Paint samples give you paint swatches to hold against your wall at home, while paint sensors like NIX paint color sensor help you quickly view paint colors in different lighting situations before buying paint. With so many options available, chances are you’ll discover the perfect paint colors for your next project with ease!