Grooming Tips for the Metrosexual Man

Men, it’s time to take care of your bodies. We’re not talking about spending hours in the gym bulking up. These tips are about the little things you can do to improve your appearance and be kind to your skin, nails, and hair.

Skin Care

Wash your face and hands with soap, is what your mother would have told you as a child. For once, she was wrong. Soap is not a friend for your face; it’s harsh and can strip vital oils and collagen away from your skin. It would help if you had something softer like a facial cleanser or moisturizer. 

Apply these two things twice a day, and you’ll have younger and brighter looking skin.

Haircut and More

Remember as a kid when your mom would put a fishbowl on your head and cut around it, and call it a haircut? Thankfully those days are gone. A hairdresser, or for men, a barber-shop, these days is like a private male sanctuary.

The guys at King’s Crown Barbershop believe that barber-shops need to be about more than cutting hair. Shaves, facials, massages, and waxing, not to mention alcohol as you sit in the chair, make a trip to the barber a pleasurable experience every time.

Mani, Pedi

No longer just for the ladies, manicures, and pedicures are becoming increasingly popular amongst men.

We’re not talking about getting the full works with bright shiny nail polish (but that’s ok too). Instead, having your finger and toenails professionally cut and buffed makes your hands and feet more appealing. Plus, the coating they put on helps protect and strengthen them.

Smell Nice

Deodorant and cologne should be part of your daily routine, no question. Nobody likes a stinky guy. Spray or roll-on the deodorant after every show. Before leaving the house, add some cologne, but not too much. Some guys seem like they bathe in the stuff.  

You only need a small amount. Our tip – 2 – 4 squirts only on a target pulse point (inner wrist or neck). That gives you just enough scent to be appealing and not too much to be overpowering.

Factor 50+

The harshest element on your skin is the sun. These harmful UV rays dry-out, damage, and age your skin. Always apply sunscreen before leaving the house.

This extra layer of security on your face will keep you looking younger for years to come, and help avoid the danger of skin cancer.

Hair Removal

Hair. It works on your head, but do you really need it all over your body. Some guys have a respectable amount of body hair, while others look like the missing link between apes and humans.

There are many solutions these days for unwanted hair. Waxing, although painful at first, is a proven way to remove hair for a decent period of time. For those with the budget, IPL laser treatment is by far the answer. It takes only 4 to 6 treatments to be hair free, and it’s not growing back.

It Doesn’t Take Much

For just a small amount of time per day or week, you can improve your appearance. A daily skin routine, a respectable hair cut, and clean and trimmed nails will increase your appeal almost immediately.  

Taking things further, make sure you wear a small amount of cologne, slop on some sunscreen, and consider removing any unsightly body hair. You’ll look and feel younger and more handsome in no time.