Finding A Better Way To Connect – One Contact At A Time

It was recently reported in several publications that mobile users in the United States spend an average of 5 hours per day on their cellular devices, according to analyst firm Flurry.  This is an estimated 20 percent increase from prior years. Significant shifts in the amount of time spent on apps are reported as well, once again, increasing from prior years.

We are turning to our applications more and more now to communicate, and according to that same report, mobile users use their phones far more than they watch their televisions.  To put this in perspective, we are talking about the equivalent of 75% of a workday or a school day, spent on a mobile device. When this happens, the human connection with each other is greatly reduced, and according to publications like Psychology Today, our cell phones are changing both our social interactions and our connections with people.

And it doesn’t stop here — the way we use our cell phones is “having a significant impact on expectations in relationships,” and understandably, it isn’t the same for every age group.  If the traditional methods of mobile communication are changing your relationships and how you feel about them – whether socially or at work – it may be time to take a look at how you are using your devices to connect with your contacts.

For instance, take a look at the apps you’re using to connect with others. Do you keep in touch with your current friends and family, or do you meet new people as well? Try to challenge yourself to make one online stranger into a lifelong friend. Find out how people react to different kinds of communication and use that knowledge to learn to connect to people. Visit and find your lifelong friend!

Facebook and other apps have become extremely successful online photo albums, enabling people to share, not only their thoughts, but also their connections (both literally and figuratively), daily musings, and photo albums.  But, when was the last time you used your cell phone to connect in the very same way with your contacts outside of Facebook or another social media site? And, more importantly, when was the last time you were able to do this with absolutely no work.  Think back to the last time your phone rang with an updated picture of your contact you didn’t put there. When this happens, you already have a deeper connection with the person, before hitting the “talk” or “message” button.

In a world that is increasingly technical, having that intimate visual connection across your contacts makes a real difference.  It can enhance trust in business and reduce depression with phone users. With an average of 1.2 trillion photos taken in 2017, and over 5 trillion stored, there is always something new to share or highlight.  As the numbers of pictures grow exponentially each year, there is never enough time or bandwidth to track down the images for every contact, and update them regularly, across all your connection points.

Enter Eyecon (  This fee and ad free dialer app was designed so mobile users could connect, across applications, with up-to-date pictures, and the ability to enhance their communications.  It serves as a great tool for those “on the go”, offering the ability to reach across social media. It pulls the pictures your contacts post on social media, updating automatically, while also enabling the user to select what picture(s) and names your callers see from you.  Users always know the pictures are accurate; they are coming from social media, where they have shared them themselves. Whether calling or messaging, this iPhone and Android app brings us closer together. It enables a more “old school” connection in a new world where mobile connectivity is far less personal.

Those who study relationships believe that having an opportunity to enhance communication, and create a greater bond with those you are talking to, is a significant step in the right direction…a step that benefits each and every one of us.