Cutting-Edge Developments in the Mobile Sector to Boost your Business

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Technology never stops developing, of that there is little doubt, and this means an ever-changing digital business environment, which can present great marketing possibilities. Those in the software industry can attest to the speed of digital development; take a short holiday and when you return there will be something new on the table, and if you would like to explore the potential that emerging technology can offer your business, here are some ideas.

  • Create your Own Mobile App – This is the latest move that offers a business many benefits, and designing your own app is not as costly as you might think. This will empower you in so many ways, as you will have a direct link to your customers’ digital screens and you can send hi-res promotional content directly to all of your customers. Once the app is ready, simply email all your customers and inform them that the app can be downloaded for free from Play Store in both Android and iOS platforms and this will do wonders for your image.
  • Mobile-Friendly Website – With literally billions of mobile devices in use today, your website should be mobile device compatible, which enables mobile users to clearly access the site. If you haven’t already informed your webmaster to do this, you should make it a priority, which the expert can easily do. There are many ways in which you can benefit from this; if, for example, you are organising a live event, you can livestream on Facebook and all of your customers can watch on their mobile device. While on the topic of live events, check out the services available with, a leading Australian event planner who has all the solutions.
  • Payment Gateways – If you run an e-commerce business, the more payment gateways that you can offer your customers, the better. Many forward-thinking companies already accept Bitcoin as payment, and if you don’t know much about digital currency, this is likely to be the future of business. You can even integrate your payment gateways into your mobile app and that allows your customers to order using the mobile app. Here is some further reading on the subject of mobile-friendly websites and the many benefits it brings.
  • Running Promotions & Campaigns – Using your mobile app, you can send high quality promotional content to all your clients, and with special loyalty programs that offer regular customers discounts and refer a friend campaigns can be very productive. If you are not sure which mobile carrier to use in Australia, here is some coverage information to help you make the right choices. Research tells us that people are more likely to respond to an app message than perhaps an email or SMS, and creating your own mobile app provides you with a super-fast direct connection to your clients.

Mobile device use is on the rise and your business should be geared up to accommodate mobile users in every way possible, and by designing and building your very own mobile app will be a very wise investment that will pay dividends for many years to come.