8 Key Reasons to Consider a Career in the Plumbing Industry

Plumbing and piping are trades that are popular with both men and women. If you have a talent for mechanical work, enjoy fixing things, or want to take an apprenticeship, this may be the job for you. It is one of the most overlooked careers, as many people don’t know about the potential of working in the plumbing industry.

1- Job Stability

The plumbing industry has a solid employment base. When you start a plumbing career, you can expect to have your job for the foreseeable future.

Many opportunities are available if you want to progress in your plumbing career. With over 170 nationwide employers, there is much variety on offer. You can get the chance to work for a reputable plumbing company that can give you the experience, skills, and knowledge to move up the ranks.

2- Job Satisfaction

Working in the plumbing industry gives you a sense of importance and accomplishment. Fixing things and people’s homes is rewarding, and you can bring a sense of belonging to your community. As a plumber, you can help people achieve the lifestyle they want, and you can also help them solve problems. When you fix something, your sense of self-worth is also built simultaneously.

3- Independence

A plumbing career gives you the chance to be your own boss. You can establish your own plumbing company, set your own hours, and decide how much working time is right for you. If you want to choose where you work, this is possible with the apprentice system in some countries.

4- Social Interaction

As a plumber, you will meet and interact with many new people. You will meet tradespeople from all backgrounds, setting different pursuits and goals. You will work closely with them to ensure you provide them with the appropriate services that serve their needs. By interacting with new clients, you’ll better understand how different people live, giving you a broader perspective on the world. You will also forge new connections with different people, which can go a long way in assisting you to succeed in your career through referrals.

5- Less Student Loan Debt

Plumbing is a trade that doesn’t require much financial expenditure. It can be completed on an apprenticeship system, which means you will be paid while learning how to fix things around the house, the community, and the world. You will get to work with experienced plumbers who will pass down their skills to you.

6- Job Variety

You will have the chance to work on various projects from day one in your plumbing career. You will be exposed to a range of challenges and obstacles that you will overcome throughout your training. You can see your worth grow as you start giving customers the plumbing service they want. There is nothing more pleasing than seeing a client fully satisfied with your plumbing services.

7- No More Plumbing Bills

Once you have completed your training as a plumber, you will get the chance to fix things in your own home and work on more manageable projects. This translates to a lower cost of living, as you will not need to employ plumbers to fix or check your plumbing systems. In case of an issue with your plumbing system, you will have the knowledge to correctly deduce the source of the problem and repair it appropriately.

8- Respect

As a skilled plumber, your skills will be respected, and the community will hold you in high esteem. Your advice is invaluable regarding plumbing jobs, and people will be happy you are available to help them out when they experience issues with their pipes. Seeing your client happy after you are done fixing an issue that has been affecting their plumbing system is just priceless!