8 best iPad apps for teachers and students

Since ancient times, the main tools of every teacher are powerful knowledge, huge experience and mental creative resources. A little bit later, technological advances allowed the use of modern computers and other computer equipment. Famous iPad can also be used for educational and scientific purposes.

With the help of iPad, teachers and professors will be able to hold lectures and seminars, to count the results of testing, and just get the freshest material for their students while they are solving tests or perform independent tasks.

8 best iPad apps for teachers and students

If you are a teacher and would like to use an iPad during the classes, then these 8 educational applications will help you improve your techniques as a teacher, and the students’ knowledge as well.

1. Writepad

When there is a dozen of students during your class, it is very difficult to keep all notes and records about the students, their assigned tasks and any information connected with them. WritePad app will make you forget about sheets  of paper and small notes that you can always lose. With this application, you can easily and quickly create a recording. The interesting feature of the program is that it recognizes handwriting and transforms it into a human-readable version of the final document. With the iPad and this application, not a useful idea will be forgotten or not recorded. iPad is ease of use that contains features of the computer that are designed to facilitate modern education.

2. Fast Forward Academy

This application will be helpful for students who decide to connect their career with finance, accounting organizations or auditing companies. With a range of many financial tests, which can be solved individually, and in the group, the application will help students to understand any difficult situation, whether it is the bankruptcy of the company or the economic crisis.

3. Numbers for iPad

An app with unpretentious title will help each student to take strict control of their performance. The program is a table, fully compatible with Microsoft Excel. According to the developers, with the help of “numbers” you can easily calculate the necessary scores in the subjects to import ready-XML-table estimates, or create new ones using the iPad.

4. Discover Wikipedia

It is no secret that Wikipedia resource is in the top three most visited websites in the world. The fourth application on our list combines the unlimited amount of information from Wikipedia. The application design is created the way that while you use it you get the impression as if you read a magazine called «Wikipedia». The developers felt that this style of presentation of information would be interesting to users. With the built-in and refined search functon, Discover app is perfect for both home use and for lectures as well.

5. QuickVoice Recorder

If you come up with another creative idea, and it is not possible to handwrite it, there is a way out – the functional QuickVoice Recorder application. Traditionally, many users of modern gadgets often record short messages or suggestions in audio format, with the help of the recorder. In fact, the record of a few seconds of speech or even entire lectures will save a lot of time, and most importantly preserve all the valuable information. QuickVoice Recorder is a tool that will help burn an audio file of any length, depending on your free flash the iPad memory.

6. Teacher’s Assistant Pro

The application Teacher’s Assistant Pro for iPad offers all employees of the educational sphere to keep a personal account of the progress of each student. An individual schedule of the progress in the study of the students will help to improve their assessment and classroom behavior. The app can please you with its flexibility of settings!

7. Keynote

Long ago, presentations gained popularity as the presentation material and the supply of basic aspects of the topic of discussion. Keynote app will help teachers and educators to create full-featured presentations directly on the iPad tablet on the go by combining text data with the prepared themes or animation, graphics, tables, video or audio files. Of couse, it will not edit your essay but will help you in your everyday life! To attract the attention and interest of the audience, you can use any type of suitable data format. As you know, an iPad tablet can be quickly connected to an external monitor or projector. In this regard, Keynote app for iPad greatly facilitates the work of students presentations.

8. Evernote

Evernote app needs no introduction. Having conquered the army of many thousands of fans around the world, Evernote for the iPad tablet will be handy for those who do not wish to handwrite the text on the screen of the device, record them on tape, or turn the thought into the presentation. Fantastic Evernote provides maximum enjoyment from the simple text printing while maintaining a strict organization of all notes or work plans. The synchronization with other devices if possible!