7 Best Car Purchasing Apps

Buying a car has always been seen as a bit of a pain. However, the growing expansion of the internet has helped simplify and improve the entire process for consumers. Now, you can benefit from numerous sites and apps to get help during your entire car buying experience.

Thankfully, there are tons of apps out there that add plenty of value to our lives. This includes numerous car purchasing apps out there that’ll help you from the initial stages of research all the way to the final moment you buy your car.

Here are seven of the best apps out there:

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book (KBB.com) has been on the market as one of the top sources for car buying information for quite some time. The site and app are a one-stop shop for all the information you need during the car buying process.

“You can get a value on both new and used vehicles,” Alex Lauderdale, founder of EducatedDriver.org told BriefMobile. “And a KBB value carries some weight since the site has been around for so long.”

Plus, there are tons more features like vehicle comparisons, editorials from car experts, and even 360-degree vehicle photos.


On TrueCar you can search any used or new car to get a full detailed breakdown on how much the same vehicle had been bought and sold for. There is also a quick “price check” feature that gives you an instant estimate if you scan the window sticker of a car at certain dealerships. Once you determine what car you’re interested in, TrueCar will send your needs to tons of dealers. This ends up giving you the power to negotiate by seeing all the offers on the table.


Another one of the most popular brands out there Cars.com, has a great car buying app. You can review the huge inventory of cars posted through the site and it comes with plenty of great added features. These include the ability to price compare by scanning a car’s VIN, price drop alerts, and a tool that lets you compare inventory of dealers near you and find local deals.


Autotrader offers a huge inventory of cars on its app and lets you view an instant history report on every car you’re interested in. This protects you from buying a car that has been mistreated and recently fixed up and adds more confidence to the used-car buying process. Plus, the app can quickly connect you with both dealers and private sellers.


Blinker is an innovative app that helps expedite the financial aspect of the car buying process. You can obtain pre-approval for a loan through the app simply by taking a picture of your driver’s license and filling out the required forms. You can even easily re-finance your existing car loan. Blinker also makes the DMC process easier by completing all your paperwork electronically.


Vinny gets you the value of a car you’re interested in through a new, innovative manner. You can get wholesale price of used creta in Bangalore, based on recent car auctions by just scanning the VIN and adding the car’s miles, specs, and conditions. This is one of the easiest ways to determine a fair market price for a car.


Instamotor is a private marketplace that allows people to buy and sell cars directly from the owners. It’s essentially a safer and improved version of Craigslist for cay buying. The app removes the risk of scams and also provides a recall check, vehicle history report, and fraud check for every car. You can also apply for financing through the app once you negotiate and agree on a price with the seller.

The surge in new apps has improved tons of other things, even finding a plumber. Now, car buying doesn’t need to be a difficult process any longer. You can simply download these apps and take all of the stress out of buying a car!