6 Key Ways Teachers are Assets to Their Communities

Think back to your favorite teacher in school. Chances are, he or she still has an influence on your life even if you left secondary school ten, twenty or thirty years ago. Teachers are a valuable asset to the community in a number of ways. Not only are they role models at school, but many teachers work in the community to make it a better place for children and their parents.

1. Teachers give the power of education.

Teachers are a lifeline between the community and the world. They are educated, and they pay attention to the world around them. Often, teachers can disseminate information in an unbiased way so that children can learn to form their own opinions and beliefs.

2. Teachers are role models for children as well as many adult members of the community.

Teachers can influence not only their students, but parents and other adults in the community. Many teachers are involved in local charities, churches, and community organizations that are working to better their towns and cities. In this way, teachers not only set a good example for students, but for students’ parents and for other adults in the community at the same time.

3. Teachers offer support to both students and their adult relatives as well.

Teachers often serve as a support system for the students of the community. They attend sporting events or other extracurricular activities to show support for students. They form relationships with members of the community. They may be asked to help with many community events as well.

4. Teachers help to educate young minds that will return to the community and benefit the community in a positive way.

Teachers train students – whether it is in reading and writing or in learning skills they can use in the workplace. In this way, teachers provide economic support to the community as they equip students with the things they need to become successful adults. Teachers not only educate children and prepare them for the work world, but they also provide a positive influence for young people. They often continue to support former students by writing recommendations or providing a reference for a young person.

5. Teachers are the one of the first individuals to make children believe in themselves.

Arguably, after a child’s parents, the next person in life who teaches a child to believe in his or her own abilities is a teacher who kept pushing the student to do his or her best. Many of us can recount a time when we wanted to give up but our teacher simply wouldn’t allow for it. Maybe she stayed in at break or recess to go over math problems with you. Maybe he went over the writing process with you until you wrote a good paper. No matter what, we’ve all had a teacher who never let us give up. That lesson tends to stay with adults going out into the work world.

6. Teachers are often born helpers.

Although teaching is a full time job with unpaid overtime hours, many teachers still find time to be active in the community. They simply enjoy helping people. They may tutor after school to underserved students. They may teach adult education classes during the summer. Somehow, they help those in the community around them.