6 Best Apps for DIY and Home Improvement

If you’re looking to take on a new home improvement project, you may need a helping hand. You could call on a professional, or you could turn to your smartphone for help. You can learn how to do just about anything thanks to the Internet.

These six apps can help you with your DIY and home improvement projects.

1. WikiHow

WikiHow is like the Wikipedia for the DIY crowd. Available for free on Android and iOS, the app offers thousands of how-to guides. The guides cover everything, from life hacks, tech, DIY, quick repairs and even craft projects.

You may not be able to learn how to do trenchless pipe repair with this app, but you can learn how to how to lay laminate flooring or use a leveler.

The articles included in the WikiHow app are created by people with knowledge and experience, so the information is reliable. Plus, everything is written in steps to make it easier to follow.

2. DIY Tip Genius

Family Handyman magazine provides home improvement and DIY tips with its DIY Tip Genius app. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Like WikiHow, the app provides users with helpful tips, guides and professional secrets. Users can view the tip of the day, view random tips and even save their favorite suggestions. Categories make it easier to view the guides.

3. Photo Measures

If you’re redecorating a room, the Photo Measures app will be helpful. The app is available on Android and iOS, but you will have to pay for it.

Photo Measures allow you to take photos and annotate them with color-coded angles, measurements and notes. You can zoom in to see more details, and you can also save photos in JPG or PDF formats.

4. iHandy Carpenter

The iHandy Carpenter app is designed only for iOS devices. This paid app uses the iPhone’s and iPad’s built-in sensors to turn your device into a set of tools. The bubble level bar and surface level allow you to check flat surfaces. The plumb bob also allows you to check the verticality of the walls.

The steel protector tool allows you to measure angles up to 180 degrees, and an onscreen ruler enables small measurements in centimeters and inches.

5. TapPainter

One of the more challenging aspects of redecorating a room is finding the right paint color. Even if you have an idea in mind, the color may look very unattractive after it’s on the walls.

The app TapPainter, which is a paid app for iOS devices, allows you to snap a photo of the room and see what different paint colors will look like.

6. Handyman Calculator or Home Improvement Calcs

The Handyman Calculator, free for Android, and Home Improvement Calcs, paid for iOS. The Android app offers calculation and conversion tools that will help you get the job done. From fractional calculators to simple unit conversion, the app offers a wide range of tools.

The Home Improvement Calcs app provides many of the same functions for iOS