5 Digital Signing Apps for Your Company’s Contracts

Paper contracts and agreements are a thing of the past. Digital signatures and documents can save your company time and money while reducing your environmental impact. Thanks to the ESIGN legislation signed in 2000, electronic autographs and records are legally valid.

Digital contracts and signatures have evolved since then, making it easier to sign, manage and distribute your contracts and streamline your business.

These five apps will be useful for managing your signed electronic documents.

1. RightSignature

Available on iOS, Blackberry and Android, the RightSignature app allows customers and clients to sign any document type, including binding contracts and legal documents, using just a finger.

Documents can be branded, and forms are drag-and-drop for added convenience.

The great thing about this app is that it allows you to get signatures in-person and on the fly, rather than just a typed name. RightSignature is a great option for service-based businesses, like municipal contractors.

Every document signed in RightSignature is secured with a full audit log, 256-bit encryption, and biometric data capture.

Plans start as low as $12 per month.

2. SignNow

Available on iOS and Android, the SignNow app is a user-friendly app that allows users to draw, email, type and upload their signature. One great feature of this app is that users have the ability to notarize documents online for an additional fee.

Users can save, organize and track signatures and documents using the SignNow app.

SignNow offers a free trial and subscription prices that start under $10 per month per user.

3. DocuSign

DocuSign is available for Android and iOS devices. The app offers secure cloud storage, signature place-card tags, document PDF conversion and 39 different languages.

The app can also be integrated with Salesforce.com, which allows documents to be sent or retrieved from its CRM databases.

The company offers options for personal use, enterprise, professionals and developers.

4. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign, available on all devices, was ranked #2 on the Forbes 20 Must-Have Tools for Small Businesses list.

The app can track agreements in real-time, but it can also manage and store contracts. Signers’ emails can be added and fields inserted to collect digital signatures. All parties will receive a secure copy of the signed document. Archiving is automatic.

Options are available for both individuals/small teams and businesses. There’s a free trial for individuals/teams.

5. SignMyPad

The SignMyPad app, available on iOS, Android and as a Nook app, allows you to open a PDF file to be signed, save it and send it. All versions of the app are integrated with Dropbox.

The professional version of the app allows for geo-tagging, which means that the location of your mobile device will be tagged in the PDF when the document is signed.

All versions of the app also have AirPrint from iOS.

Most of these digital signing apps require a subscription or will need to be purchased. For businesses, the small fee is worth the convenience of being able to sign digital documents on the fly.