Computer Programming Language and What They’re Used For

Programming languages are used to give computers a set of instructions to follow. The language computers understand is called “binary” which consists of strings of 1s and 0s. A computer programming language has a series of symbols that allows us to translate and communicate instructions into a language the computer can understand.

Types of computer programming languages

There are two types of programming language classifications and these are either low-level or high-level.

 Low-level computer programming languages are quite difficult to understand but far easier than binary. They are very similar to computer code because they offer fast and precise instructions and control.

High-level computer programming languages are more like the way humans communicate and are easier to learn. They are also easier to program into the computer, but take more time to translate into binary for the computer.

However, computers are now more powerful. This means that there is now only a very slight difference in the runtime between the two levels of programming, and high-level languages are ideal for most programming needs.

Popular computer programming languages and their uses

Programming languages allow programmers to build various exciting experiences, including games, virtual reality, and everyday apps. These are some of the most popular programming languages and their uses.


Python is a simple programming language to learn and is easy to read. Its flexible and robust semantics makes it a popular advanced programming language. The versatile language is used in data science, web and internet development machine learning, graphical user interfaces for desktops (GUIs), and web development.

Google, Pinterest, Instagram, NASA, Dropbox, and YouTube are among the major organizations that use Python.


Currently, Computer Science is taught in Java and it is a general-purpose, high-level programming language with several features and an extensive network library. Java is ideal for web-based development.

Java is used by software engineers, Java developers, and various IoT, cloud computing, and enterprise architecture industries. It is used to develop applications for video games, mobile apps, and web-based applications with Java Server Pages (JSP).

Organizations that use Java include eBay, V2COM, Eurotech, and Eclipse Information Technologies. Programs that are written in or that use Java include Adobe Creative Space, Minecraft, OpenOffice, Lotus Notes, and Eclipse.


Not related to Java, JavaScript is used mostly in Web development and is a front-end and back-end friendly language. The language does not run in a client browser; it processes commands on a computer instead of a server.

JavaScript is used mostly for front-end website and gaming development by people in IT, engineering design, marketing, healthcare, and finance. WordPress, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Groupon, and Soundcloud are some of the major organizations that use JavaScript.

JavaScript resources allow developers to manipulate page elements to make them more dynamic. This includes scrolling abilities, printing the time and date, creating a calendar, etc., usually tasks not possible through plain HTML. JavaScript can also be used to create games and APIs.


Ruby on Rails developers, software engineers, and data science engineers use Ruby, an open-and object-oriented scripting language. It can be used independently or as part of the web framework for Ruby on Rails.

Ruby is used for simulations, to manage and track information, and for 3D modeling in industries that do web app development, robotics, system administration and security, and networking. NASA uses it to conduct simulations, and Amazon, Twitter, Groupon, and Basecamp were created using Ruby Rails.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) ensures proper formatting of text and images because it is a standard markup language used to create web pages. The free and accessible programming language is also easy to learn and use. It is used for web development and email programming by developers, technical editors, software engineers, and email designers.


Another popular programming language is C#. Developed by Microsoft, it can be used for various applications like mobile apps, video games, business software, and game development. It is used by Hewlett Packard and Microsoft Intel.


One of the most powerful programming languages, C++ is used for VR, software and game development, scientific computing, embedded firmware, and robotics. C++ is an example of a hybrid language because it can code C++ in a “C-style” or coding can be done in either format in some situations. It is used by Google, Adobe Software, Amazon, Lockheed Martin, etc.


Apple’s computer programming language is valuable for those developing software applications for iOS and macOS. It is used by Apple, Getty Images, Playlist Media, Dow Jones, and Slack. 

Where to Learn Programming Languages

Learning the languages described here is the first step in building applications and programs. Those interested in learning these languages can subscribe to coding newsletters online or they may even enroll in a code academy program like Bay Valley Tech. Unlike traditional colleges and universities, these programs offer online learning to help students understand and master programming languages in no time.