5 Apps Every Personal Injury Attorney Should Have

In today’s mobile-driven world, personal injury attorneys have more freedom to work whenever, wherever and however they please. But clients are also more demanding when it comes to service. The good news? There are apps that will free you from your desk chains and help you meet the demands of your clients.

1. CloudLex

Designed specifically for personal injury law firms, CloudLex is actually a suite of apps that can be used firm-wide. These apps help you manage your day-to-day tasks. Here’s what’s included:

Matter Manager

The core application, Matter Manager allows staff to collaborate using matter-specific tools. It includes a calendar, tracking of medical expenses and document management. Targeted reports and dashboard tools allow those in higher management to keep track of a case’s progress.

Client Communicator

The Client Communicator app is a portal that allows attorneys and clients to share information. Either party can upload briefs, important events, notes and more. All information is kept confidential in a secure venue.

Office Connector

Wi-Fi isn’t always available. CloudLex helps you overcome this by adding a tab into Word that allows you to work offline. You can make changes, access files, save changes and create new documents.

These are just three of the many apps available in the CloudLex suite. This is one app collection that can help any personal injury firm stay organized and connected 24/7.

2. Slack

If you’re looking for a simple app that improves intra-office communication, Slack is it. This helpful app keeps all of your messages, notifications, files and other office communication in one central location. All communication is archived for easy searching.

Slack also integrates other apps and services that your firm already uses, so you can easily add in things like budget approvals, support tickets, passport mentions and more.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive offers a wide range of applications, but its integration with Google Docs is probably its most beneficial feature for lawyers. With Google Docs, you can edit, create and manage files right from your browser.

When you’re done editing, you can upload your files right to Google Drive and access them whenever you need.

4. Evernote

Having the Evernote app is like having a virtual notebook by your side at all times. Take pictures, take notes, scan business cards and do a host of other things right from this handy app.

Lawyers can take advantage of this app for case management purposes. Simply create a shareable database of your trial materials, and organize them chronologically for convenience and ease of use.

Evernote is one app that every attorney should have, and its list of uses goes on forever.

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a handy app for marketing purposes. In minutes, you can create an email campaign, and send out targeted messages to your list automatically.

Email marketing, with the help of Mailchimp, helps clients and potential clients remember your name. It also serves as a way to nurture and build trusting relationships with members of your target audience.

These five apps can help keep your firm organized and in the loop at all times. With real-time updating available in most apps and the ability to work offline, you can keep track of your cases without being stuck at a desk all day.