3 Types of Apps That Can Help You Market to Generation Z

Those born between about 1995 and 2005 are popularly known as Generation Z. They are kind of like the little sibling of the millennial generation. They have grown up watching their older siblings from afar and learning. They are also the first generation that has been raised in front of a computer screen.

This generation struggles to imagine black and white tv, pay phones, and the days before the microwave. Cassette tapes are a form of alien tech to this bunch. With that said, the evolution of technology has made it easier than ever to market to Generation Z. Below are three types of apps that are helping.

Social Media

Social Media apps are just about a staple on all cell phones these days. Especially those of Generation Z. These guys and gals make their connection to the world through socializing. Most of their identity is tied up in sharing their life with the world and watching how other lives unfold and interact with theirs. They keep up with the help of social media.

The number one app among this group? Facebook. With 2 billion users, Facebook ties the majority of users together in a circle that has become like family to some. With this kind of access, many businesses are taking advantage of the laid-back atmosphere of social media. Gone are the day when customers expected a strong handshake and see through integrity.

Generation Z is actually more comfortable buying goods from a business that is authentic and owns their mistakes instead of trying to explain them away. Businesses that market through social media find that they gain customers as they gain friends on through the site. As clients experience their company, they spread the good news in their Facebook news feed.  


When was the last time you went through an entire day without listening to music? If you are like the majority of Gen Zers, music is the language of the soul and going a day with listening to it or singing along is like walking through the Gobi Desert without water. Music has always been an important conduit to the young mind and heart.

However, in the old days, we had rather archaic means of listening to music such as record players, boomboxes, great big headphones, 8 track tapes, and those alien cassette tapes. Now, you can be listening to your music without anyone even knowing you are doing it. Technology has replaced the hardware as well as the software.

Apps like Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube are a marketer’s dream come true. As Gen Z goes about their day linked to these music apps, any almost any business that wants to can slip in ads that the customer has to check out. Let’s face it. Most of Generation Z isn’t quite wealthy enough yet to pay for the premium, commercial-free versions of these apps, yet.


If you ever overhear the random conversation from time to time, you understand the term Netflix and chill. It is one of the best ways to share an evening with your significant other. Along with Netflix, you have apps like Hulu, Crackle, Vudu, and Xbox video.

Each is a mega power in their own right when it comes to offering an alternative to cable and Generation Z is taking advantage of it. These apps make it easy to reach their viewers. The one thing they share with cable is the ability to show commercials at certain junctions in the show.

Again, you can upgrade and opt out of commercials, but it’s going to cost extra money that Gen Zers just don’t have at this young point in their life. Companies continue to take advantage of the opportunity. Since this generation regularly subscribes to their phone more than a television, it’s a smart move.

Cell phones, gaming consoles, and Roku are technological wonders of the 2018 and are how Generation Z stays connected to the world. It’s a wise move to cater to the apps they use most when considering your next marketing plan.