3 Apps to Help With Prank and Nuisance Calls

Prank calls are still a real thing. People call you, let the phone ring, and the next thing you know, you’re sitting on the phone saying “hello” while someone hangs up. It’s even worse when these calls come in during the middle of the night and you have no idea who is calling you.

But now you can take a stance against these prank calls by discovering who is calling you in the first place.

There are reverse phone lookup services and apps that can help you determine who is calling you and even block the calls.

1. CallerSmart

CallerSmart is an iOS app that works really well for trying to put an end to these annoying calls. Thousands of people have given this app a four-star rating, and it has a lot of features that make life easier:

    • The location and name of the caller is provided
    • Suspicious texts can also be investigated with user comments
  • Phone number monitoring to find out who is researching your number

Of course, the app also has in-app purchases to dig deep into the person that’s calling you. This information allows you to gain access to the company’s exclusive paid data.

2. Real Caller

The Real Caller is an Android app that is ad-powered, but the app has the features you need to identify a caller and even perform a reverse lookup. The app has a slew of unique features to add a little bit of power to your Android device:

    • Number lookup allows you to find out who a number belongs to
    • Real-time caller ID provides a popup window when you’re on the call to list the caller’s information and name
    • Search any number with the reverse phone number function
    • Block callers quickly and easily to put an end to those annoying spam calls
  • Share your photo, videos and memos with anyone in your contacts that also use Real Caller

This robust solution allows you to block phone numbers, making it a great choice for anyone that receives spam calls daily.

3. Reverse Lookup

The Reverse Lookup app is another Android app that’s impossible to ignore. The app allows for direct lookup of phone numbers, so you can try and identify any number that’s calling you. But the app goes beyond these basic functions to also offer:

    • Direct send a number to voicemail
    • Directly block any future calls for a particular number
    • Talk to other users to discuss a caller
    • Save the caller as a new contact
  • View the location of the caller within the app

Cell phones have less data than landlines, so this app works best for anyone that gets a lot of calls from landlines rather than cellphones.

There are a number of other apps available, both for iOS and Android, that can help you conduct a reverse search on a phone number and block a number. In-app purchases are available in a lot of the apps, and there are even some apps that use user data to help you block unwanted calls automatically.

Apps that collect and use user input to block or identify numbers are among the top rated.