Why Mobile App Devs Need Automated CI/CD

Developers in all fields around the world are being pushed harder than ever to release code faster and faster. This has brought about the need for new tech and innovations to stay ahead of the competition, including a growingly popular method called CI/CD. CI/CD stands for continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, and automates the traditionally manually intensive process of getting consumer feedback to developers and getting those patches released to the public. Today in 2023, nearly a quarter of DevOps processes are now fully automated, up from 19% in 2021 and up from just 8% in 2020. 

While many companies are jumping on the value that CI/CD pipelines can bring, some spaces, especially mobile app devs, have yet to embrace this technique. However, mobile app devs need this tech as the demand for more and faster code has begun to skyrocket. With over 7 billion mobile users around the world and 255 billion apps downloaded in just 2022, it’s no wonder why the demand has gone up to such a degree. 

Learn more about how mobile devs can use automated CI/CD to release code faster, catch bugs sooner, and stay up to date with the rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem here.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline
Source: BitRise.io