What Are the Top Cell Phone Apps?

Helsinki, Finland, February 17, 2019: Uber application icon on Apple iPhone X screen close-up. Uber app icon. Uber is taxi car transportation

It is amazing to think about how much cell phones have changed our lives during the past few decades. In the past, people only used to have cell phones for emergencies. Now, it seems like a cell phone is almost a requirement to hold a job. Cell phones are incredibly powerful and this has led to the development of numerous apps that can be used to augment their capabilities. In 2020, there are a few top cell phone apps that everyone should note.

One of the most popular cell phone apps is YouTube. While YouTube is not a new invention, it is still incredibly popular. This app can be used to watch videos at just about any time; however, during the past few years YouTube has seen a tremendous amount of growth. This is because many people are using YouTube as a social media platform, trying to become “YouTube” famous. In this manner, YouTube is seeing more people upload videos than ever before. With a cell phone app, people can join in on the fun and upload their own videos as well.

Another top cell phone app is called a spy phone app. For those who might not know what this app is, this is an app that was designed to help people track another phone. This app is used to track GPS, Contacts and APPS installed on the phone his is an ideal app for parents who would like to know what their kids on doing on their phones without them knowing. This is a great app for companies that would like to track what happening with their work devices. Expect this app to become more popular during the next few years.

Finally, the streaming wars have kicked into high gear with the arrival of Disney +. Now, there is even an app for this wildly popular streaming service. Those who love The Mandalorian can now watch this show from the comfort of their phones. Disney + has a powerful streaming up that can allow people to watch Disney content from just about anywhere. While Disney is known for its animated prowess and its recent acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, there is so much more to Disney than just this narrow focus. Disney even owns the Marvel movies as well as National Geographic!

These are only a few of the top cell phone apps of 2020. Expect to see new apps released this year that will provide even more opportunities for those who love to test the limits of their phones. The sky is the limit.