Ways To Integrate Mobile Technology Into Your Business Website

Mobile technology has quickly taken the concept of business marketing by storm.  There is no way to develop a competent marketing campaign without the integration of a variety of mobile marketing efforts.  

You have to spend time educating yourself on what works in the digital realm of marketing to find success online.  Start learning now, and check out a few helpful tips on how to integrate mobile technology into your business web design.  

Social media share buttons are pivotal

Whenever possible, integrate the use of social media share buttons into the design of your business website.  The bottom of this example site shows how social media can be worked into any sort of page design on your website.  

Use social media share buttons to provide a quick way to share interest in your business blog posts as well.  People love to share snippets of their interests throughout the day, and your website should always be there to fulfill that need.  

Optimize your web design for mobile access

While building your business website, keep this fact in mind.  Mobile access to the internet is now far more frequent than that of PCs and laptops.  People no longer sit at home in front of a screen.  They simply take their screens everywhere they go!  

The point is that a mobile device has a much smaller screen than that of a PC or laptop, so your design has to account for the changes.  There are several different screen sizes when considering mobile devices, and there is lots to learn in this department.  

Use QR codes in your marketing campaign

The QR in QR Code stands for “Quick Response.”  It is no wonder, as the codes can quickly be decoded by a smartphone and lead to something awesome.  QR codes are a modern sort of treasure hunt for consumers.  

Integrate the use of QR codes into your marketing plan to variate your reach as a brand.  You can offer special price breaks and deals for those who find and decode the QR codes to encourage consumer participation.  

Develop your company’s own mobile app

It is becoming commonplace for every company, large or small, to have a mobile app that coincides with their business plan.  People love to learn more and become more interactive with their shopping experience, and an app is a great way to stay in touch with your target consumers.  

Offer special deals for social media followers

Linking your brand to social media is another important way to integrate the use of mobile technology into your marketing campaign plans.  Build a social media following, and offer special deals for those who pay attention.  It’s a great way to boost customer interaction.