The Startup Potential in Israel

Israel’s startup capabilities have helped the country become a mighty force within the tech startup world. High-tech companies and cybersecurity startups are raising billions of dollars, especially in recent years, helping Israel become the third country with the largest number of machine learning startups. Several top cybersecurity unicorns also come from Israel. 

In the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, startups have been doing incredibly well with patent count increasing well over 150% since 2021 and $20 billion having been raised (which is 63% of the country’s total) in 2021 alone. Big companies like Apple, Volkswagen, and Anheuser-Busch have developed innovation centers in Tel Aviv as well. An important factor that is helping with this success is the abundance of government grant programs and intellectual property incentives supporting Israel’s entrepreneurs and innovators. The Abraham Accords have also helped with gaining new economic activity and jobs for further growth. Israel has been the location for the OurCrowd Annual Global Investor Summit for several years where almost 10 thousand people, including around 900 entrepreneurs and 400 portfolio companies, in the startup world convene. Israel has dominated many sectors of technology for decades through impressive innovation, and this will not stop for years to come.

How Israel Has Emerged on the Tech Scene