The Real Impact of Device Charging and Productivity

Productivity can be impacted in many ways in the business world. In the enterprise, employees are reliant on devices working, and when they don’t or are “low power” this slows down the entire workday. In fact, statistics show that enterprises lose an average of one half of one workday per week per employee due to device charging issues. This does not take into account cord issues, forgotten cables, broken cables, and so much more. If there was ever a reason or motivation to break the connection with a cord, this is it. 

Every analyst firm has reported on the significant increase in devices per employee in the workspace. It’s no great secret. According to Gartner, the number of devices is growing by almost 20 percent annually. While that may not seem like a lot at first, it actually means that employees are adding one new device per year, in addition to what they already use. So, if you use a laptop and a cell phone, you would add another phone/iPad/other device. Then the following year those three devices would become four and so forth. 

What does all this really mean? It’s a staggering additional 14.4 billion devices in the enterprise in the United States this year alone. The impact: more cords, more responsibility, and without a doubt, more stress. For the enterprise as a whole, it means more cord closets, more spend on replacement cords and cables, more devices for IT to ensure that they work, just to name a few. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. The good news is that there is an option to solve this cord-frazzled enterprise existence while increasing productivity and reducing employee downtime. In fact, the very same solution will also increase employee happiness just by reducing their charging and cord-induced stress. 

Your solution: DeepCharge. This Boston-based company was founded by two Professors at Northeastern University who see the world of charging without limitations or cords. They understand the impact of a cord-free existence in the enterprise and have, with their team, created a perfect solution for the enterprise. 

If you haven’t heard of DeepCharge yet, you will soon. This award-winning innovative company has done everything from participate in accelerator programs to win grants, awards, and more. The founders are innovative, ahead of the curve, and understand that charging, as we know it today, creates far more stress and cost than good. 

To DeepCharge CEO and Co-Founder Yousof Naderi, “the DeepCharge story is about the courage to change and simplify our lives. DeepCharge products enable a world where ordinary surfaces transform into charging surfaces.” This transformation is one without limits, cords, or cables.

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It’s a solution that has been needed for years and has been deployed successfully in multiple real-world applications. Their ultimate goal: a completely cord free charging environment that is device agnostic and user-friendly. 

Today, DeepCharge’s technology is cord free, device agnostic, and can be upgraded through software not hardware or cords. It doesn’t have new charging protocols which require new cords and instead, will work with almost any device you choose. Change your device, DeepCharge still works. The technology was fundamentally designed to fill in the gaps device makers create. By utilizing surface-based charging protocols, which are multi-device enabled, enterprises will utilize a charging best practice never seen before. No lanterns, cords, or other devices. 

Fundamentally, the company has patented the first networked charging tiles that don’t need coil alignment or technology-specific charging. Regardless of the device maker or type, it will charge your device. Even a desktop or monitor! Simply put, DeepCharge frees you from your cord-induced prison. 

The technology works via patented “energy tiles” which turn any surface into an intelligent charging surface that can charge multiple devices at once. It’s environmentally-friendly, reduces the corporate carbon footprint, cost-effective, and easy-to-use. It also reduces bottom-line costs in multiple areas while enhancing employee productivity and happiness at the same time. It’s a new world order for the enterprise which truly works.