The Internet of Things: Global Mobile Connectivity

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The digital development just keeps going and we are about to rollout 5G, a technology that enables 10xdata transfer speeds, which will empower humanity like never before. The ‘Internet of Things’, or IoT as it is known, will be a platform for every single digital device to use, and both human and non-human users will share the high-speed platform. You might be wondering why a digital device needs to be connected to the IoT, well let’s start with your home, you can turn on the climate control half an hour before you arrive, plus you can start to cook the dinner remotely by simply telling your oven to fire up to specific settings.

Traffic Management

We are about to take a huge leap regarding road management, and more importantly, safety, as driverless vehicles will all be connected to a grid, and each is programmed never to get close to any other vehicle, which, in theory, eliminates accidents. Whether that will be the case is still unclear, but it would greatly improve road safety, that is for certain, and using AI, every vehicle would always be aware of its position relative to the road and other users. It is true that the roads are very quiet, due to the global lockdown, and if your business is suffering, check out, a leading company that can create an aggressive digital marketing plan to boost your business.

Air Traffic Control

Nothing would change in this sector, with perhaps the exception of faster communication, as all aircraft are very carefully monitored as it is. Of course, it might be that we stop using cars and take to automated drones, and this would require a separate grid that will be managed by AI. Click here for information about the speed in which mobile tech is increasing, which makes for an interesting read.

Digital Devices

The following will all be connected via a 5G network on the IoT:

  • Domestic appliances – Devices can be remotely operated.
  • All vehicles.
  • Security systems.
  • Shipping.
  • Aircraft.
  • Computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

There are many ways that the IoT can help a community, with distance learning greatly benefitting from 5G speeds, and combined with blockchain technology, all governments will eventually store all of their data on the IoT, including citizen ID data, land ownership, patents & copyrights, plus banks will use the platform, much like they use the Internet today. Here is some government information about 5G and how it will be regulated.

Boosting Business

Every single industry will benefit from the IoT, as business communication moves onto the 5G platform, which means you will be able to have a video conference call with someone on the other side of the world, as every square metre of the planet will be covered by the 1000s of 5G low-orbit satellites that Elon Musk is currently launching. AI will continue to streamline business processes, which is great news for all organisations, and we are all eagerly looking forward to 5G, which really is a game changer.

Global connectivity will be taken to the next level with the rollout of 5G and there are many great benefits for humanity.