Supermicro is the 5G Server and AI Server Leader

Supermicro is a leading global technology firm committed to delivering innovations on Enterprise, 5G/Telco/Edge IT, Cloud, and AI. The firm is transforming to a provider of Total IT Solutions with the following advancements:

• Environmental friendly energy-saving server

• AI

• IoT

• Switch systems

Service delivery includes the advanced high-volume motherboard, chassis products, and power.

Accelerating Discoveries 

This tech company takes pride in building High-performance computing (HPC) solutions from the ground up. The solutions include custom design and implementation. Dedicated teams offer plug-and-play services, optimizing all aspects of solutions to meet and exceed the daunting challenges in HPC while simplifying the deployment of supercomputers.

HPC Solutions

The design of Supermicro Reference Architecture is customized to fulfill the unique HPC requirements. The advantages include various building blocks from system configuration, motherboard design, liquid cooling systems, and a fully-integrated rack. The focus is to provide solutions tailored to meet a client’s specific needs. 

Enterprise HPC Reference Design 

This is a versatile reference architecture built for general-purpose intensive workloads. The reference design suits enterprise HPC use cases, including medical research, financial risk management, digital manufacturing, oil and gas exploration. 

Scientific Research Supercomputer Reference Design 

This supercomputer design is intended for various scientific research projects. It is a highly scalable design for gene sequencing, weather simulation, nuclear reaction physics, earth, and space discovery. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep Learning HPC 

A scalable AI +HPC plug& play design is packed with the most recent AI server capabilities to unlock exceptional scientific speed discoveries. It allows an enterprise to focus on building pace-setting AI applications for areas like natural language processing and autonomous driving.

HPC Solutions Success Cases 

Supermicro tailors HPC solutions to meet workload varieties used in different industries, including high capacity storage applications or compute an intensive high throughput GPU. The HPC solutions work with different commercial applications and open-source platforms with proven successes. 

Some of the commercial applications are:

• Designing and implementing supercomputing class system at Osaka University in collaboration with NEC Corporation

• Providing interconnecting servers to complete functioning of a High-Performance Molecular Simulator installed by Japan Institute for Molecular Science

• Supplying 4U 8 GPU servers to achieve additional computing capacity for scientists researching for a Covid-19 cure at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Rack Integration Services 

Rack Scale Plug and Play Solutions stand out for Defined and Validated Racks optimized for various workloads. 

The rack team has the confidence, expertise, and flexibility to handle all the data center integration projects. The integration team can professionally handle requirement gathering, delivery of the turn-key solution, and all the phases in-between. Supermicro Rack integration services are a reliable central resource for a project. 

An extensive portfolio of rack products, servers, storage, and switch allows the company to provide solutions, achieve customer satisfaction, energy efficiency, and quality. A global footprint, skilled professionals, and an integrated supply chain ensure customers receive their desired integration from any location in the world. 

Phases of Rack Integration 

 These progressive steps ensure that technology and products meet a customer’s HPC requirements with smooth deployment.

• Design 

• Assembly 

• Configuration 

• Testing 

• Logistics 

Liquid Cooling Solutions 

Supermicro offers a variety of liquid cooling solutions with proven effectiveness and deployments at scale. The solutions include Direct to Chip Solutions comprising Rack Integration, test, and burn-in. Clients also get on-site installation services. 

Advantages of Liquid Cooling Solutions 

Liquid cooling is more effective than air conditioning and reduces energy consumption. It also reduces system fan operation to save additional power.

The high-efficiency level improves the pue of data centers for high power CPUs, GPUs, and performance. 

• Liquid is more efficient in heat removal by up to 1000 times. 

• Liquid cooling can support the highest density and highest performance servers to increase computing capacity per square foot. 

• Future CPU and GPU generations might require liquid cooling as air cooling capacity is exceeded.

Reduces Cost and Environmental Impact 

• Liquid cooling requires less power, which also reduces the carbon emissions from power plants that use fossil fuel. It has become a corporate responsibility for data centers to reduce environmental impact.

Supermicro team has abundant experience and works with reliable partners to ensure that its products and services satisfy the customers. 

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