Settling In: Helpful Apps for New Immigrants

Mobile applications may help new immigrants to the U.S. move into the next chapter of their lives. The Department of Homeland Security reports that 1,031,765 immigrants to the U.S. received lawful permanent residence in 2019. Even with careful planning and going through the formal immigration process, settling into life in the U.S. may come with challenges.

Using Technology to Ease the Immigration Process

Those immigrating in 2021 to the U.S. may find it helpful to download and use mobile applications, such as a United States Customs and Immigration Services case tracker app, FindHello, Arrived, Tarjimly, Settle In, and the individual Google apps. Such apps may provide immigrants with essential information and resources to aid in their relocations to the U.S.

A USCIS Case Tracker App

Using a USCIS case tracker application may allow people to keep tabs on the status of their immigration cases. Such applications may allow people to check USCIS processing times and provide detailed case status information, as well as send notifications when the saved cases have a change of status.


The FindHello app connects users with local services in their communities. Providing quick access to information, including childcare, lawyers, and job and career assistance, FindHello allows users to download the information, so they may access it whenever they need it.


The Arrived app serves as an immigration resources hub, providing the latest immigration and deportation news, in addition to answers to frequently asked questions. Arrived also features English lessons and a map depicting all sanctuary cities, non-governmental organizations, and law clinics in the U.S.


Helping break down the language barrier for new immigrants to the U.S., the Tarjimly app remotely connects multilingual speakers with immigrants and displaced people who need a translator or interpreter. Connecting immigrants with the ideal translation volunteers, the app uses live chats and allows users and volunteers to communicate via video call and exchange documents and text messages.

Settle In

Developed to provide cultural orientation skills, Settle In caters to the refugee population. Using Settle In, people may access information about searching for a job and housing provisions, as well as practice English. The app presents the information and resources refugees may need to set up residences in the U.S. through self-paced lessons, quizzes, and games.

Google Apps

Google offers various independent apps, including Google Maps, Google Translate, and Google Assistant, which may aid immigrants as they ease into their new lives and communities. Google Maps gives directions, as well as public transportation information, and indicates dining options and other services available along the route. Google Translate features an easy-to-use interface and has translation capabilities in 90 languages. Google Answer provides Google search results for questions asked by app users.

A Unit Converter App

A unit conversion app may come in handy for new immigrants as the U.S. is one of few countries that use inches and feet to measure distance and the Fahrenheit scale for temperatures. A unit converter quickly converts measurement units, which may prove useful for those not accustomed to the units in use in the U.S. when shopping, baking, and even assessing the weather.