Salesforce Essentials Brings Sales and Service Apps to Small Businesses

Small business owners that can’t afford to have their own apps created now have an option: Salesforce. The company announced a suite of sales and services apps that aim to help small businesses run their business from anywhere using a mobile device.

The company’s cloud-powered apps will use automation and artificial intelligence to help businesses forge relationships with customers.

Two Exciting Apps to Use

Whether you run a small accounting firm or a plumbing company, Salesforces’ apps can help you make the entire customer relationship more rewarding and engaging. The company’s Essentials include two apps that businesses can use:

Sales Cloud Essentials

Sales Cloud Essentials will enable businesses to have an overview of their customers’:

  • Activity
  • Internal discussions
  • Communications

Sales staffers are provided with a comprehensive view of the customer’s history to be able to better help the customer. Users can also use the app’s dashboard and reporting features to track their company’s performance.

The app enables sales teams to have an intimate relationship with their customers that can be conducted on mobile.

Service Cloud Essentials

The Service Cloud product will allow customer service tasks to be completed by users. The app will provide context around issues that arise in the business. When issues arise, the app will connect customer service with quick resolutions to the problem.

Service Cloud can accommodate calls on the phone or messages sent via email.

Twitter and Facebook requests can also be made to the app. All of the services can be accessed using the Salesforce Mobile App. The app allows for consistency across devices and organizations, yet it also provides consistency even after customization.

App interface can be adjusted to meet the needs of companies via rearranging the app’s elements.

Online training and a learning environment is provided by Salesforce to help larger organizations provide a quick, seamless transition to the Salesforce apps. Interactive lessons are provided via the company’s Trailhead environment.

Salesforce is working to make the app and platform affordable for businesses. The company claims that 62% of businesses want training to improve their business’s operations. Training can often be expensive and out-of-reach for consumers.

Salesforce isn’t the only company working to provide apps to improve business customer relations.

  • ZenDesk. ZenDesk is a leader in customer service software. The company offers their solution to 20,000 companies across the world, with price plans starting at $29 a month. The company’s app improves customer satisfaction with one-to-one support and service tools that streamline the customer service experience.
  • SmarterTrack. SmarterTrack is another powerful helpdesk solution that allows your small business to track, manage and report communications and customer service issues. The app provides a support ticket system, knowledge base and live chat for users.
  • Get Satisfaction. The Get Satisfaction app is also available which provides great customer support across a community. Customers can ask questions, share information and problems and often answer their own questions within the app. There’s an integrated CRM suite as well as service reports and easy tools to track customer service records., which was provided by Salesforce, will be closing with the introduction of Cloud Essentials.